Part of That World: Becoming a Disney Princess with Happy Skin's latest collab

by Paula Abjelina

There are only two things in the world that are guaranteed to quickly take me from 0 to 10 on the emotional scale: lipstick and Disney Princesses. So when Happy Skin announced their new Disney collection a few weeks ago, a follow up to their 2016 release, I could not calm down!

But here’s an update: the Disney Princesses of this collection are not in gowns and tiaras. The collection refreshingly features our favorite ladies in the more casual, more adventurous, more 2019 looks featured in the movie Wreck It Ralph 2. Don’t mistake this change as merely a visual update - Happy Skin fully embraced the playful and tireless spirit of the 2019 Princesses to come up with a wearable array of products that’s sure to make any one feel like a royal!

I have been a tremendous fan of the original Happy Skin Moisturizing Matte Lippies, and the Moisturizing Matte Lip Clicks (P649 each) of this collection are an interesting update to the original packaging. A button at the bottom pushes out the color stick in small increments and keeps the rest safely within the tube. It’s a quick click-and-swipe, perfect of princesses on the go!

My instant favorite Ariel is a bright rose shade, a perfect homage to our optimistic gal. Wear this for a romantic night out on a lake with a singing crab in the background. Rapunzel is a deeper nude to look amazing in as you wonder when your life will begin. They also have Jasmine (a balmy nude) and Belle (a sweet coral).


The Vivid Cotton Lip Mousse (P649 each) is a new addition to the Happy Skin crew. Instead of your usual doe-foot dipper, the tube features a cotton cushion tip and a button click at a bottom. One click dispenses the product, and the cushion is an unexpectedly comfortable way to glide on your lipstick. Be warned that you may be tempted to click repeatedly on the first use, but try to be patient as the mechanism is slow to release the creamy color. Each click dispenses enough product for one fully painted pout.

The formula leaves a powder finish, for that subtly stained look. I picked the shade Cinderella, a dainty rose that I can wear everyday as I work, sans help from mice and birds. There are 3 other shades available: Snow White (a bright apple red), Aurora (a natural warm MLBB), and Elsa (a deeper, bolder nude).


Multi-Use Mousse Makeup (P799 each) is the revelation of this limited release. The little compact promises a pretty velvet-like color finish for eyes, cheeks, and even lips. I have used this product every day since I bought it, and I can guarantee that the formula lasts at least 8 hours on my cheeks.

Nap Queen is my favorite of the entire collection! Rosy pink, velvety soft, pigmented, yet oh so light - this color really does make me look fresh even though I haven’t had time for any naps. Meanwhile, BFF is a golden sheen. I swatched this in store and the beauty assistant told me that I glowed like a trophy. I took that as a massive compliment.


Finally, we get a homage to Mulan! She’s my favorite Disney princess (tied in first place with Moana), and I have long waited for a beauty brand to pay tribute to her awesomeness. It’s fitting that hers is a brow product that one might use to recreate her full arches. The Perfect Eyes Trio (P899) features a brow pencil, a feathery trident-tipped pen, and a cream eyeshadow - all in one nifty stick! I dislike carrying huge kikay kit, so compacting three products into one is a dream come true.

I find the formula sweat-proof and long-wearing on my oily skin, having worn all three products to work daily. You can fight the Huns wearing this, and your eyebrows probably won’t budge.


The collection also features Cooling Lip Glosses and two new Express Gel Polish shades. If you’re like me and want to hoard every single item, Happy Skin makes it easy to collect everything by offering set variations for the different lipsticks and box sets that have 2 lip products, the multi-use mousse, and a polish. Check them out over at and at their counters.

Tried anything from the collection yet? Did you feel like breaking out into song with woodland creatures? Tell us about it!

Paula Abjelina has been an advertising professional for 15 years, and an amateur Disney Princess for 35. She may break into song any moment now.

Photography by Nicole Quindara