How to wean yourself off your foundation addiction

While last year’s trend was covering up every flaw and pore, this year is all about lighter bases that show some skin! In the eternal summer that we experience here in the PH, we could really do without that heavy feeling that normally comes with using a full coverage foundation. While it makes us look perfect and flawless, too heavy foundations can also appear and feel mask-like. They also don't look so hot when viewed up close and personal. Not to mention that it’s more likely to cake throughout the day!

So, do you really need a full coverage foundation? The truth is, you might not actually need as much as you think. We’ve listed the top reasons women use to justify the heavy coverage on a regular basis, and how you can start changing up your makeup game into one that allows you to embrace your imperfections and your skin to breathe.


Reason #1: I already have a foundation that I love and I don’t want to stop using it.

Solution: Thin out your coverage with moisturizer.

We know the struggle of finding that perfect foundation, as well as needing to scrounge up funds before being able to shell out for a new bottle. Instead, why not just thin out the coverage of your favorite foundation by mixing it with a bit of moisturizer? You can control the coverage depending on the ratio of foundation to moisturizer you use (more moisturizer = less coverage). This way, you can still enjoy the benefits of your favorite foundation while  letting your natural skin peek through. You can even take it up a notch up by making your own cushion!

Reason #2: Sheerer formulations slide off my face.

Remedy: Use a primer.

Adding a primer can seem like an additional step but if foundations can’t seem to stay put on your face, then it’s worth the extra effort and offers a better solution versus just packing on product. A PV favorite is Benefit ThePorefessional Matte Rescue Gel (P1,600 at Benefit) - it’s a bit pricey but a tiny amount is all that’s needed for the whole face. If you’re on a budget, try our primer picks for under P500.

Reason #3: I want to cover my pores.

Remedy: Try a sheer foundation that illuminates your skin.

Adding more coverage is not the answer to covering up pores. Instead, go for a light face base with pore-blurring properties. We love Benefit ThePorefessional Pore Minimizing Makeup (P1,700 at Benefit) for this. In addition, pore-blurring powders like Benefit ThePorefessional Agent Zero Shine (P1,600 at Benefit) can also help.


Reason #4: I have blemishes I want to conceal.

Remedy: Apply concealer only where you need it.

As someone with extremely oily skin, trust me when I say that concealers have a better chance of staying put all day compared to a long-wearing foundation. The heavier formula and more intense pigmentation makes it easier for blemishes to stay hidden all day, too! I’ve found that MAC Pro Longwear Concealer (P1,250 at MAC) can survive my 16-hour workdays and extremely oily skin. The price is worth it because the tiny amount you need makes even a small bottle last forever! Other cult faves are the NARS For the more budget-conscious, Pink Sugar Our Li’l Secrets Concealer (P299 at SM Beauty) is a PV favorite because the tiny tube packs heavy coverage and sets like cement!

Have you ditched your heavy face bases for something more light, comfortable and natural? What products would you recommend for that second skin feel?