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Splurge vs Save: We compare the Tatcha Silk Canvas with the elf Poreless Putty Primer

If you watch YouTube makeup tutorials, you may have seen that many American beauty gurus use the Tatcha The Silk Canvas Filter Finish Protective Primer (from Lannel Boutique). I’ve definitely been curious about whether the claims are true, but it isn’t really something that’s easy to buy on a whim. Costing over P1000 for just 7g, this product is not your ordinary primer - it features pressed silk, which was designed to be as lightweight, skin-like, and smooth of a barrier as possible. As a professional makeup artist, I definitely understand the value of investing in quality products, especially face bases, but the big claims are matched by a hefty price tag. So, it Tatcha truly worth it or can you get the same effect with a cheaper product? Let’s find out!

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This is how MAC Studio Fix face bases are leveling up their game

The MAC Studio Fix range is basically an institution, known for its wide shade range. In fact, beauty enthusiasts often refer to the MAC foundation shade coding system even when talking about other brands! Now, MAC aims to be even more inclusive than they already are by embodying All Ages, All Races, All Genders. They have looked at even more undertones and shades, and recognized what consumers have long been saying – one shade does not fit all.

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This is why your makeup oxidizes, plus six tips on how to prevent it

Have you ever swatched foundation in the store, fell in love, and purchased it only to discover that it had turned darker (or worse, turned orange!) when you got home? If this sounds familiar, you've experienced having makeup oxidize on you. This is why beauty reps often ask "acidic po ba kayo?" when you shop face bases, but it's not helpful because the answer is always "yes" as our skin literally has an acidic pH level. What is causing the change in color then?

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Hack or Whack: Will these three hacks improve your foundation's wear time?

With so many makeup tips and tricks popping up nowadays, it can feel a little overwhelming sometimes. Some may even make you even cringe with how crazy and over-the-top they are - remember the one about using a knife as a guide to contour? No thanks! I'd rather stick to safe options, particularly when they look like they can actually work. So I decided to actually find out! I picked out three top hacks that promise to help my foundation look more fleek, using products that most beauty junkies would already have in their stash.Is it a real HACK or just WHACK?

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Fairydrops Candy Bar BB Cream

I'm sure you've already seen the raves about the Fairydrops Candy Bar BB Cream (P1,550) from the other beauty bloggers. No question about it, this stuff is da cheese! It's a great face base for two reasons: the flawless satiny finish and color match (at least on me). It's also the first BB cream I've encountered that has no SPF whatosever.

While other BB creams focus on skincare claims and sun protection, the Fairydrops Candy Bar is all about perfecting the skin. A Japanese newscaster, who needed something that will look good on harsh studio lighting, is credited for helping formulate it. It's supposed to have micro-gold pigments and soft focus powder in the waterproof formula.

Here's what I think!

What I love about the product

  • It makes my skin look fantastic. Not just good or nice, but fantastic both in person and on camera. It has light to medium coverage, which evens out my skintone well. It won't cover major blemishes or acne but it can give brighter-looking skin.
  • This has no perceptible shimmer. It has a satin finish which means that it's not glowy or dewy; more like matte but with a bit of fresh lustre to it. Like real skin.

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Cinema Secrets Foundation Palette #2

Concealers and foundations rank high in my list of beauty must-haves because I am prone to pimples and their unfortunate progeny - blemishes. Why else would I wear so much makeup if not to cover them up? Thankfully my blemishes are less bothersome now thanks to a consistently good skincare routine, but I still have a few left over. Recently I am letting the Cinema Secrets Foundation Palette #2 (P1,998) handle them.

This palette is quite expensive, but it is literally everything you need for your face if you're looking for full coverage. It's an all-in-one palette, which makes the price tag look cheap compared to buying separate products for your face base.

It's a great palette, and here's why!

What I love about the product

  • It's as opaque as you get, but the texture is surprisingly thin! It adheres like second skin and covers even the darkest blemishes.
  • Different shades allow for different functions. It has a blemish concealer shade (I use a slightly lightened #607-19), undereye concealer (#603-21, a beige salmon), and of course all the colors can be used as foundation (I either use a mix of #605-61 and #606-26 or just #602-65). So it's all-in-one face makeup, basically. I think it's a better buy than the single-color pans.

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