My daily look is as basic as it gets!


I love makeup. We all know that. However, since early this year, I have shifted from loud, statement colors to more neutral and enhacing ones. To complement my skintone, I usually stick to taupes and warm colors like orange, bronze and yellow for my eyes. For my lips, I wear nude pinks most of the time. Red and hot pink once in a while.

So, here’s what my makeup routine usually consists of: I apply one warm wash of color on the lid, light shimmery color on the browbone and then eyeliner. I’m particular about my eyebrows (you should be too!) so I always groom them and fill them in with brow powder. I don’t usually wear mascara or do any contouring, because I hate removing mascara and I’m also loathe to add two extra steps to my routine.

Oh, of course, a flawless face is very important to me. I tone my face with my Burt’s Bees Garden Tomato Toner then moisturize with Pond’s Pinkish White Glow Cream. Then I put on my preferred mineral foundation (Ellana Hazelnut Latte), finishing powder, and then the MAC Blot to keep the shine at bay. I think that a girl can miss most of her makeup routine as long as she has a well-covered face. You know what I mean!

So yes, this is what I look like most days when I go to work. Sometimes I change it up, add some vibrant colors or some smoke—but this is what I always come back to. Easy, quick, clean, and professional. :)


How about you? What’s your daily makeup routine? How do you usually look like?