This is how MAC Studio Fix face bases are leveling up their game

The MAC Studio Fix range is basically an institution, known for its wide shade range. In fact, beauty enthusiasts often refer to the MAC foundation shade coding system even when talking about other brands! Now, MAC aims to be even more inclusive than they already are by embodying All Ages, All Races, All Genders. They have looked at even more undertones and shades, and recognized what consumers have long been saying – one shade does not fit all.

They’ve expanded the MAC Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 (P1,950) line to cater a jaw-dropping 64 shades. This is huge considering they were already pretty expansive with their original 46-shade lineup. I myself just got matched as NC17 – a shade I didn’t even know existed when I last used MAC Studio Fix about 10 years ago!


The Studio Fix Fluid is my go-to when I don’t feel like spot-correcting. It’s sooo high coverage that layering it on certain areas can serve as concealer. That said, I’m not a fan of how drying it is; it is an oil-control foundation after all. The fully matte finish along with the high coverage do tend to lend a cakey, unnatural look, but damn if I don’t feel put together with this foundation! It also lasts throughout a pretty rough day, but I don’t pick it up that often because my skin is super dry so it’s not that comfortable to wear.

Meanwhile, the MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus (P1,900) includes a whopping 53 shades. Shades do vary slightly from formulation to formulation, and my powder shade is NC20 even though my fluid shade is NC17. So if you are trying out a different formulation or getting multiple items from the collection, do be sure to check for your shade match each time!

The Studio Fix Powder is another high coverage product in the range. I’m usually carefree about powder shades as they’re generally sheer, but I am a little more precise in shade-matching SFP because in this case, it does have considerable coverage. I find that it can cover minor blemishes and soften my dark circles with just this. For a powder foundation, it also lasts pretty long. However, like SFF, it is pretty hard for my dry skin to tolerate this matte and oil-controlling powder.


The all-new MAC Studio Fix 24-Hour Smooth Wear Concealer (P1,350) has 17 shades that feel like a whisper in comparison to the first two, but that’s still quite impressive for a completely new product line. I got the shade NC 15, which was recommended for covering my dark circles. I haven’t yet used it long enough to make a full review but so far I like the medium-to-high coverage. It’s not as drying as some heavier cream formulas but it also doesn’t smoothen my fine lines, which I kind of expected from the “Smooth Wear” label. That said, it does seem to last much longer than my typical dark circle concealers, and I can’t wait to use it more and figure out my final thoughts!

In line with this monster face base drop, MAC has also added a new all-in-one MAC Sculpt and Shape Contour Palette (P3,500). The Light/Medium palette contains 6 base powders: Emphasize Shaping Powder, Cream Shaping Powder, Accentuate Shaping Powder, Taupe Shaping Powder, Sculpt Shaping Powder, and Bone Beige Shaping Powder. Meanwhile, the Medium/Dark includes: Soft Focus Shaping Powder, Lightsweep Shaping Powder, Warm Light Shaping Powder, Shadester Sculpting Powder, Shadowy Sculpting Powder, and Definitive Sculpting Powder.

They’ve also expanded the MAC Studio Fix Conceal and Correct Palettes (P2,350) with Light, Medium, Medium Deep, Dark, Deep, and Extra Deep selections.

To help people find their new shades (or confirm their old ones!) MAC spotlights 111 people of every color, age, and gender in their brand-new online Studio Fix Shade Finder as a way to celebrate the power of self-expression and individuality.

Is your current MAC shade perfect for you, or do you think one of the new in-between shades will be “The One”? Drop by a MAC counter and get shade matched with some help from our guide to finding your MAC foundation match!

The complete Studio Fix Fluid shades now available are: C3.5 / C4 / C4.5 / C5 / C8 / N4 / N4.5 / N4.75 / N5 / N6 / N6.5 / NC5 / NC10 / NC12 / NC13 / NC15 / NC16 / NC17 / NC18 / NC20 / NC25 / NC27 / NC30 / NC35 / NC37 / NC38 / NC40 / NC41 / NC42 / NC43.5 / NC44 / NC44.5 / NC45 / NC45.5 / NC46 / NC47 / NC50 / NC55 / NC58 / NC60 / NW10 / NW13 / NW15 / NW18 / NW20 / NW22 / NW25 / NW30 / NW33 / NW35 / NW40 / NW43 / NW44 / NW45 / NW46 / NW47 / NW48 / NW50 / NW53 / NW55 / NW57 / NW58 / NW60.

The complete Powder Plus shades are: C2 / C3 / C3.5 / C30 / C35 / C4 / C4.5 / C40 / C5 / C5.5 / C6 / C7 / C8 / N3 / N4 / N5 / N9 / NC10 / NC15 / NC20 / NC25 / NC30 / NC35 / NC40 / NC41 / NC42 / NC43 / NC43.5 / NC44.5 / NC45 / NC46 / NC47 / NC50 / NC55 / NW10 / NW13 / NW15 / NW18 / NW20 / NW22 / NW25 / NW30 / NW33 / NW35 / NW40 / NW43 / NW44 / NW45 / NW46 / NW48 / NW50 / NW55 / NW58.