What pores? Here's the latest pore-concealing product from Benefit!

Bad news first: you can't make pores disappear with just skincare or makeup. You'll need something more drastic like laser to get them to go away permanently! The good news, however, is that so many brands know that you need something that'll work to conceal pores ASAP. One such brand to watch out for is Benefit Cosmetics, since one of their major claims to fame is the Porefessional line. The first Porefessional product - the Face Primer - is actually their best-selling product ever!

The latest addition though is something that I think you'll like as well. It's called the Porefessional Pore Minimizing Makeup (P1,700 at Benefit stores) and unlike the past Porefessional products, this provides coverage! Yup, it's basically a liquid concealer specifically meant for pores. I thought it was foundation at first - and it can be used as such - but it shines best when used with the attached sponge.

Press the button in the back to dispense! The product is meant to be squirted out on the sponge and then stamped into the area that needs coverage.

Press the button in the back to dispense! The product is meant to be squirted out on the sponge and then stamped into the area that needs coverage.

The Pore Minimizing Makeup has a runny texture and light to medium coverage. To get full coverage, it must be "stamped" on the pore-y area of your skin with the sponge attached at the bottom. It has five shades ranging from light to deep so you're sure to find something that will adjust to your natural coloring.

benefite pore minimizing makeup 3.jpg

It's a nice foundation for evening out the skin tone and creating a smooth, ultra matte finish. But it's too expensive for that as there's only 15ml in the tube! It really works best as a pore concealer around your cheek area as it effectively mattifies and covers up the indentations.

I don't have many obvious pores so perhaps I am not the right model for this, so I wore it as a foundation all over my face to show off its smoothing finish.

Subtle, but effective

Subtle, but effective

Looks great, right? I didn't wear any concealer or powder on top. It dries up completely so there's no filmy feel. You don't even need to set it with powder if you have dry to normal skin! I do find that it does not do much in controlling oil if you have combi to oily skin. It won't make matters worse but this definitely isn't a primer. You might want to apply the Porefessional Matte Rescue Gel first!

Staying power in the T-zone/cheek area would be around 6-7 hours for me. Not bad! It fades evenly at the tail end of my day. Do note I have combination skin though, so oilier gals might find that it would fade more quickly.

Overall, I highly recommend this to those who need something that's lightweight, has coverage, and a mattifying effect to effectively conceal pores. It's not ideal by itself on combi/oily skin types, so make sure to use a proper primer underneath! I do like Benefit's Matte Rescue Gel as it has a lighter texture compared to the original Porefessional.

What do you think? Does this look like a product you might try?