How to get flip-flop worthy feet

Ever since the beginning of the year, there’s been a mad dash to get into shape in time for summer’s swimsuit season. We're all for having a bod that you can proudly show off, but please don't ignore your feet! Our little piggies are regularly abused by long commutes, ill-fitting footwear, or plain old neglect. Not a very nice way to treat the feet that help us walk through life! Besides, the cuteness of your bikini can be instantly undone by unkempt toes. 

Whether you're beach-bound or simply trading your ballet flats for sexy sandals, here’s five ways to pamper your tootsies and get them ready to go bare.

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Give them a good washing AND drying.

We wash our hands before meals and after trips to the restroom, but the feet mostly just get cleaned in the bath. That’s why they deserve a thorough soaping and scrubbing to take the day’s grit off completely. Afterwards, dry them properly with a clean towel. Not wiping the feet down completely before leaving the bath is a major no-no. The remaining moisture can either cause the skin to peel or trap bacteria in, and no one wants the resulting ickiness of either!

Image via Happy Socks

Image via Happy Socks

Slip on some socks.

Right before bed, slather on a rich foot cream, body oil, or lotion and pull on a fluffy pair of socks (or those moisturizing silicone-lined socks) to seal the right kind of moisture in. You’ll wake up with softer feet! This trick is most noticeable when you’re sleeping in an air-conditioned room.

Invest in special treatments and tools.

If you indulge in face masks, hand paraffin treatments and body wraps, why not bring the pampering down to your toes too? A peeling treatment like Baby Foot (read the review, it's a bit gross but awesome) will gradually renew the skin of the feet in the course of a week, while an electronic foot file like Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi sands away rough skin in a matter of seconds. There are also old-school foot creams and foot soak solutions for those who want to keep their home spa session simple.

For gals who are on their feet all day, it's a good idea to get extra support to make wearing your shoes more comfortable and keep your feet in good shape as well. Check out Burlington Biofresh foot cushions or these gel inserts from Watsons.

Pick a cute nail polish color.

You could always go nude or colorless with your nail polish selection, but it’s more fun to try something colorful for summer. It’ll draw so much more attention to your feet. You can go for a dark plum, sunny yellow, classic red, or even a pale vanilla. Don’t even get me started on nail art as there’s just too many patterns to mention!

We love the Solique by Girl Stuff nail polishes as they are super affordable yet come in beautiful colors and finishes.

How do you keep your feet looking lovely? Got any recipes for homemade foot treatment to share?