The gadget for soft feet that you don’t know about yet

Let’s talk about feet. Are you happy with yours? I’ve learned to accept that mine aren’t going to look curved and long like a model’s, but I am pleased by their smallness and softness. I’ve never had to deal with callouses or rough spots so I’m lucky enough to have soft soles! Well, until recently. Lately, I’ve noticed that a deep groove has developed on my left foot and it feels tough on the edges. It’s a small thing, I mean I won’t die if it stays there forever - but I’ve always been proud of my soft soles. It rather bothers me to feel it whenever I touch my feet. 

It’s so timely that I got the Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi (P1,685) to try. It’s an electronic foot file that’s designed to give you beautiful, smooth skin after one use. It features a specially- designed Micralumina roller head for effective yet gentle removal of hard skin. It works by rubbing away rough skin in minutes, saving you many trips to the nail salon. It’s easy to use: just clean your feet, switch it on, roll it all over until the surface feels smooth, rinse and then apply foot cream if you wish. 

The roller head feels like a rough nail file. At first I thought I’d get ticklish whenever I use it but, surprisingly, I wasn’t at all! There wasn’t any discomfort. Gross details time: I saw the skin flying away like dust when I first used this. I observed the results after about 5 minutes of filing down each foot patiently. That groove on my left foot that bothered me? It has been smoothed down significantly! There’s still some hardness to it but I imagine it will be gone after repeated uses of the Scholl Express Pedi. 

The unit comes with four batteries already, and you can get replacement roller heads for P550 (set of two heads). You can wash the rollers to remove any skin buildup; simply detach the head first before washing. It’s important to remember that you must use the Scholl machine on completely dry feet - if it’s damp, the file won’t be able to polish down the rough skin. Avoid cream until after you’re done so as to get the best results.

Go try the Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi if you love taking care of your feet and want to save some time and money going to a nail salon. It’s also a good buy if you like manually filing your feet; it’ll certainly save some time, and is a lot more thorough! You can find it inside selected Watsons stores. ^_^

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