Let's have a serious talk about Instagram makeup

You've seen it: the sharp-as-a-knife eyebrows, extreme contouring, kilos of foundation, and overdrawn, matte lips. Techniques used in drag makeup suddenly became a "thing", and women have run away with it, married it, bore children with it, bought a mortgage with it - all mostly on Instagram. 

Hold up though. I do not condemn this makeup trend. I have always believed in everybody's right to wear whatever the hell they feel like as long as it empowers them to express themselves and do more with their lives. Makeup is a great way to get instant results be it a slimmer face, perkier boobs, long legs, tanned skin, even abs. It's a fact. And if it will help you function better as an adult navigating this increasingly confusing and high-pressure world then why not? Makeup is fairly harmless, albeit expensive.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, here are a few things to consider.

Makeup that is Instagram-thick looks great on camera, facing artificial light and layered over by filters. But in real life, it is a thick, obnoxious mess. Feels like it too. If comfort is a priority, then avoid too many layers and textures caked on top of each other. Apply only as much as you need - never more, with the intent to blend it out later on. That usually spells disaster.

Natural-looking makeup is sheer and applied with a light hand. Study how celebrity makeup artists like Lisa Eldridge and Charlotte Tilbury does it! They don't use a lot of makeup but achieve such stunning faces.

Instant results are great, but they are not permanent. Why not focus on long-term, sustainable results too? If you want a chiseled face so badly, working out and eating cleaner would be another productive way to achieve it. Why not contour while also actively creating and sticking to a good meal/workout plan? Before you know it you'll be working less on that contour routine.

You don't need that much makeup to be beautiful. It may sound patronizing - if it does, I'm sorry. But I've seen a lot of beautiful women who pile on the makeup because they feel pressured to do it, not because they want to. The #FOTDs we see on Instagram should be taken merely as a suggestion and not as the ultimate rule book. Most of them are just for fun and for them to express their creativity (haha on the tape contour). You don't need to copy them.

My personal philosophy when it comes to makeup is simple: use it to enhance your beauty and to have fun with colors, not to create an unrecognizable mask. Others may have a different philosophy and that's okay too! Really, truly ok. You should also develop your own (if you haven't yet) - just keep in mind that it must be according to what you're comfortable with and what you like.

Extreme or not, makeup is the one thing that is about you. Be happy with it and don't take it too seriously.

What are your thoughts on Instagram makeup trends?