On a budget? Here are effective products to combat acne from P50 to P850

I’ve been experiencing bad breakouts on my forehead for a while now, and as the cause is hormonal, I’m trying to just manage it as best as I can. Finding products that help to control my acne and dry up existing pimples hasn’t been easy—I’ve had to experiment with so many products before finding ones that work and also fit into my student budget. Zapping zits is more than just applying a pimple gel though; you really need to fight acne with every step of your skincare, so here’s my favorite go-to products so far, under a P1,000 price tag!

Quick FX Pimple Eraser (P50 at Watsons)

This pimple cream may simply be in a (resealable) sachet but it has truly performed well as a quick fix for me! The combination of glycolic acid, salicylic acid, zinc oxide, and niacinamide all work great to dry up my pimples overnight and heal them faster. It also has vitamin C in the formula to help lessen the dark spots and scars. It’s super affordable, too!

Burt’s Bees Anti-Blemish Purifying Gel Cleanser (P850 at Beauty Bar)

This wash cleanser contains salicylic acid naturally derived from willow bark extract, which penetrates pores to help reduce acne and prevent future breakouts. I use this along with a matching toner and moisturizer but if I had to pick just one, this would be my favorite. I especially love the refreshing herbal scent.

CosRx Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser (P540 at The Skincare Curator)

For a more balanced pH level, this wash is mildly acidic (and therefore just right for the skin) at 5.6. It contains tea tree oil and BHAs to help manage breakouts. This is one of the Korean brand’s absolute bestsellers, with so many raves about how gentle it is and how well it has worked for their pimples.

CosRX Acne Pimple Master Patch (P170 for 24 patches at The Skincare Curator)

The PV team can’t stop raving about CosRX products because they just really work! Among all of them, this one’s my favorite because the bandage absorbs all the yucky stuff inside a pimple. I just wear it overnight and wake up to a pimple that’s less elevated and has no pus left in it. 

Leaders AC-Dressing Spot Patch (P448 at Leaders)

if you’re treating live pimples that aren’t quite ready to pop, these patches contain salicylic acid and tea tree oil and work as leave-on treatments, so they don’t get rubbed off. The box contains 50 patches to get you through bad skin days and then some.

Leaders Derma Soul Anti-Trouble Mask (P78 at Leaders)

Yes, aside from the patches, you can use full-sized sheet masks to help fight acne! The Anti-Trouble mask is my HG, and contains green tea to soothe and calm even sensitive skin. 

CosRx One Step Pimple Clear Pads (P800 at BeautyMNL.com)

Soaked in willow bark water, castor oil, and tea tree oil, a swipe of these pads treats existing breakouts while helping to prevent new ones from erupting. The pads are also multifunctional, with one rough side for exfoliating and a smoother side for thorough cleansing.

Naruko Tea Tree Shine Control and Blemish Clear Night Gelly (P152 at SM Beauty)

This small jar of gel contains tea tree oil, an antibacterial agent that prevents breakouts, and thus a common ingredient for many of the products on this list. The gel form guarantees no stickiness and heaviness.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil (P495 at The Body Shop)

A cult favorite, this spot treatment continues to win over loyal users even though it was first launched over 20 years ago! It has even gone on to inspire an entire line that includes a facial wash, a scrub, and even a BB cream but this little bottle of pure oil remains my favorite. 

What is your go-to acne treatment? Have you tried anything on this list? Share your experience with us!