My HG Pimple Cures: These Leaders masks are effective AF

You know how some days you wake up and your skin hates you? It might be hormones. Might be stress. It might even be something as utterly unfair and uncontrollable as the weather. But there are times when our skin breaks out in bumps (big and/or small) and we need a quick solution before everything goes to cystic acne hell. Thank goodness there is Leaders Insolution, a Korean dermatological skincare brand that you should have tried, like, last year!

I am a huge, huge, fan of Leaders products. I have a big stash in my home! I love the masks so much that I never fail to give at least one away to friends and family who haven't tried one. I even gave 140 of those away at Project Vanity's anniversary event because that's not a complete PV loot bag without Leaders. Anyway. The point is Leaders is one of the best skincare brands I've ever tried and my skin is much, much better because of it.

So. Recently I've been getting these awful red bumps and just generally bad skin because of a terrible mixture of stress + weather. I've tried soooo many things, but I've finally found a combo that works pretty much overnight. These two products keep the initial pimple breakout from unleashing its true boss form that will take weeks to heal, for real!

The Leaders Derma Soul Anti-Trouble Mask (P78) contains green tea to help battle zits, infection, and dullness. It's made specifically for sensitive skin. It's a sheet mask soaked in an essence which I don't know the ingredients of since they are in Korean, but I'm not going to look too closely since it WORKS. Twenty minutes of this in my face and the threat of acne-pocalypse is reduced dramatically. This mask tells my face to calm the fuck down and guess what - it listens.

It's one of those things you just have to try to know for yourself.

What some may not know is that Leaders sell more than sheet masks. They have ampoules, moisturizers, facial wash, sunscreen, and heck, even a cc cream. I've actually had the AC-Dressing Spot Patch (P448) since last year but it's only recently that I found out what it is and how effective it is.

See, I often get these nasty pimples around my chin and I have just about thrown my hands up in defeat. They go, then they come back, and treating them should they turn cystic is an arduous thankless task. Ugh. But these little patches of plastic (mini-masks, really) with salicylic acid and tea tree oil put the breaks on impeding cystic doom. I leave them on for 8-10 hours - usually before I sleep - and in the morning the pimples are much, much better. They're less red and they dry up faster than normal. 

There is a slight sting because of the active ingredients but as long as you don't place a patch on an open wound, you should be ok.

For pretty bad pimples, I'd have to use three patches in succession. I LOVE how the patch covers up the infected area so that nothing touches it except for the treatment. They stay on even when you get sweaty (my guy tried it while playing tennis) and glue in almost invisibly. Well, unless you apply it in a steeply curved location like I did in this photo.

One box of the AC-Dressing Patch has five individually-sealed sheets with 50 patches between them (10 per sheet). That's not bad at all for just P448.

And that is that. If you're prone to occasional breakouts like I am, please please please do yourself a favor and try these two Leaders gems. You won't regret it.

Leaders Insolution boutiques can be found in LUCKY CHINA TOWN and FESTIVALL MALL


And online at and the Leaders PH Store.