Try this if you have oily, pimply skin: The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Line

"What did I do wrong?" is probably the first question you ask yourself when your skin starts breaking out for no apparent reason. The second question would be, "What on earth did I do to deserve this?" But don't panic! The first order of business is to stop using every product that you recently added to your routine. If the pimples are still not healing, stop using all your regular skincare, and re-introduce them one by one to find the culprit. If your skin is still uncooperative then it's time to consider the cause as hormonal imbalance. You can either take medication prescribed by your dermatologist, or just wait for it to pass.

In the meantime, you might want to check out The Body Shop's Tea Tree Oil line which is based on the brand's best-selling product. The Tea Tree Oil in the little green bottle is a cult favorite, loved by all for its pimple-fighting powers. It has anti-bacterial, soothing, and drying properties which helps oily troubled skin heal a little faster. Now, you can enjoy the oil in other formulas such as a facial wash, scrub, and moisturizer!

I've tried the set that The Body Shop sent me a few weeks back and here's what I think:

Tea Tree Cool & Creamy Wash. This is a creamy, foaming cleanser that has the camphor-like smell of the tea tree. It washes off dirt and oil efficiently enough and does not dry out my skin. It's a good daily cleanser - not life-changing, but more than adequate for the job.

Tea Tree Squeaky-Clean Scrub. This has fine beads and some sort of finer dust-like...stuff suspended in the formula that thoroughly exfoliates the skin. It offers just the right amount of roughness to get rid of dead skin and residue without irritating the face. This isn't something I would recommend for everyday use; it's kinda drying, and leaves a minty tingle on the skin.

Do not scrub with this this if you've got fresh pimples! Use it to speed up the healing process. It's most effective when it clears away all that flaking skin to make way for new skin. I quite like it!

Just to give you an idea of the texture of each product, left to right: Cool & Creamy Wash, Squeaky Clean Scrub, Skin Clearing Lotion, and Tea Tree Oil

Just to give you an idea of the texture of each product, left to right: Cool & Creamy Wash, Squeaky Clean Scrub, Skin Clearing Lotion, and Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion. This is a water-based moisturizer that's absolutely perfect for oily skin. It sinks quickly and does not leave any sort of greasy film! Really good for those who can't help but over-produce oil on their face. If you have normal to dry skin though, this is not enough. It's too light to moisturize those types. 

Tea Tree Oil. And here's the crowd favorite. I like to dab this oil on angry red pimples to help calm them down and dry them more quickly. It smells of nostalgia, too - of high school crushes and adolescent acne. Lol. I love this stuff. I also use it for rashes and itchy spots!

Overall, The Body Shop Tea Tree line is great to try out if you have oily, acneic skin. Each product here works together really well - I'm thinking it's a good emergency kit for when I'm breaking out or oiling up uncontrollably. ^_^ If you've got normal to dry skin though, you might want to go for something else more nourishing. The focus of the Tea Tree line is to eliminate irritation and the remnants of it. 

Lemme know what you think! Have you used any product from this collection?

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