Five blushes that can survive in this heat

When I'm out and about, makeup is pretty much the last thing I think of. I forget or simply don't have time to retouch in the midst of all the tasks I have to accomplish! That's why I prefer blushes that will stay on for a minimum of four hours on my oily-combination face. The only reason I'd wear blushes that are not long-wearing is if I'm just going to a two-hour, fully air-conditioned event haha.

That being said, here are my five favorite long-wearing blushes! They are also beautiful colors that are versatile enough to pair with a whole lotta looks.

Ellana Mineral Blush Duo in Obsession and Fulfillment (P450). These colors melt on your skin to create a personal, natural-looking shade. Once the product settles down it stays put even when I get sweaty and oily! 

theBalm Instain Blush in Lace (P895). The Instain Blush is perhaps the most reliable blush I have in my collection at the moment. This sort of stains the cheeks, going through foundation instead of just sitting on top of it. Lace is a fun bright pop of pink, but Houndstooth is a more natural color if you're looking for a "no makeup" face.

lace blush.jpg

Happy Skin Get Cheeky With Me 2-In-1 Blush (P799). To be honest, I've never been impressed by the Happy Skin blush singles. This new duo however is considerably more pigmented and has better staying power. Quite lovely on the cheeks! It gives a fresh flush that appears effortless.

Wearing the Happy Skin bush duo here! It makes me look blooming, IMHO!

Wearing the Happy Skin bush duo here! It makes me look blooming, IMHO!

Bobbi Brown Blush in Pink Coral (~P1,500)If I were to be married tomorrow, this is the blush I would use. It's a rather bridal shade, and should last through the tears and sweat typical of matrimonial events. Pink Coral is def one of the prettiest shades I have!

Rockateur Box O' Powder Blush (P1,600). This is a beautiful rosy bronze with a glow-inducing shimmer. I can do a subtle contour with it while also bringing out my (non-existent) cheek bones. And yeah, it stays on no matter what! This is a "pang-Diyosa" shade for those who want to look bronzed but not tan.

And that is that. ^_^ Do share your fave long-wearing blushes too!