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Full swatches of the Vice Aura collection + a peek into their flagship store

It’s a great time to be a makeup junkie. The past few years have witnessed the birth of several new local makeup brands, and each one of them has been bringing their A-game to the table. One of these new players is Vice Cosmetics, which just launched last year. With the success of several lines of lipsticks and their first collab, Vice is upping the ante with a range of powder highlighters, blushes, and contour called the Aura Collection.

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A day with Anthea and Laura: Tips on how to use matte blush on eyes and lips

When I got an invitation to attend a Laura Mercier workshop featuring their all new Blush Colour Infusion with celebrity makeup artist Anthea Bueno in Rustans Department Store Cebu, I did not hesitate to say “Yes!” Known for her incredible skin work, I was more than excited to learn about Anthea’s techniques for blush application, and of course, the chance to meet and chat with her in person! Tellie wrote a feature on her last year but it’s quite a different experience to see her artistry come to life and to hear more about her story firsthand.

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We tested four blushes for 10 hours each - which one is the best?

Blush is the easiest way to freshen up our face but it's also notorious for not being able to keep up with our day. So, for today’s beauty throwdown, we are pitting some of our favorite powder blushes against each other to see which one looks the best even after hours and hours of wear! Who doesn't want that pop of color to still be as vibrant and flattering at the end of the day, right? Let's go!

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It's a Blushin' Week at Project Vanity: My top five blushes

Since I got a lot of positive feedback regarding my first themed week, I thought I'd continue it with a new series about - guess - blushes! Every girl needs a flattering blush to make her complexion look brighter and more alive. This week, I'm going to talk about some of the latest, most exciting blushes I've come across, and hopefully I can help you find your new cheeky best friend. 

To kick the series off, I'm going to start with a list of my five favorite blushes (not including the NARS Super Orgasm because it's such a cop out to do so). These are the blushes I always pick up because their color works perfectly with my skintone and I can rely on them to stay put for a decent amount of time. They're also versatile, delicately nuanced shades, which means that I can easily pair them with most looks I can think of. ;)

Okay enough yapping, here's the list!

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