Real Techniques Expert Face Brush and Blush Brush

Remember my Real Techniques Core Collection Brush Set? I still abuse those brushes regularly. They've kept their shape well through repeated washing, and still have soft bristles even though they've been mercilessly rubbed and wiped on different products. Not a bad deal considering they're only P1,100 for four full-sized brushes!

I told myself I'd get more RT brushes when I get the chance, so here are two new ones I've managed to add to my collection thanks to Stuff In Style. ^_^

I have here the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush and Blush Brush (P600 each). These brushes sport an interesting shape and size for what they purport to do, but I swear, they do the job quite well. That's what I like about Real Techniques - the brushes are real solutions to real makeup application problems. 

More details on each brush below!

I'll start with the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush (P600). This is a squat, dense brush with a squarish shape. The bristles are made of soft synthetic fiber that never scratches and so far, does not fall off even with several washings.

The brush head is not very big, but it's stiff to the touch. This can be used to apply cream/ liquid foundation or blush, particularly the thick, hard-to-spread ones. The density of this brush delivers the same tactile effect as if you're swiping three fingers across your face.

This can deliver maximum heavy coverage in just a swipe. It also blends everything together nicely. It's a bit hard to wash due to the density of the brush hair but it's nothing a generous amount of dishwashing fluid can solve. ;)

Overall, the Expert Face Brush is an excellent tool that is the right size, density, and softness for me. I have other good liquid foundation brushes, but I think this is the first one I've had that works perfectly with creamy, semi-solid foundation and blush. If you like those formulas then you must try the Expert Face Brush!

Next up, here's the Real Techniques Blush Brush (P600). This was, quite frankly, alien to me in the beginning. It's not like any blush brush I've come across so far! The head is quite big, with a domed shape that ends in a sort of pointy tip. The hair isn't very dense although it's stiff at the bottom.

I thought, how can this apply blush? It's too big for the purpose and the hair can't possibly apply the pigment evenly. I actually used this to apply loose powder the first few times (which is, btw, also a great function for this tool)!

But then I started experimenting and found that this does in fact apply blush and contour wonderfully. :) The rounded tip isn't that big so it fits my cheeks nicely as long as I don't push the bristles down all the way. It literally forces you to use a light hand this way!

The loosely packed hair also means that I can't erase my face makeup underneath even though I blend on several layers of blush. It also picks up juuuust the right amount of blush so that I don't accidentally get clown cheeks whenever I'm working with pigmented products.

It's the same with contouring. The tip can be bent at an angle so that it's a breeze to adjust it to the shape of my cheekbones and jawline. Awesome stuff! You have to get the Blush Brush if you have a heavy hand and like to use very pigmented colored products. This is also great for contouring and bronzing all over the body, not just the face. 

Size reference

So there you go! I've had these for over a month now and I am absolutely loving them. Yay for great brushes that can be used every day!

Have you tried Real Techniques brushes? Which ones do you have? 

You can purchase these at Stuff In Style.