FitFlop: One of the best things that ever happened to my feet

There is no such thing as principle when it comes to FitFlop. These things made my feet so spoiled that I hardly wear flats, sandals, or flip flops unless I absolutely have to! I admit that I didn't understand why women would love such chunky, ungainly-looking footwear. The first few designs looked like platformed tsinelas, and they were sooo expensive to boot. I didn't get it. Until I got my own pair as a gift.

I love it because THE SOLE IS SO SOFT. It's like I'm perpetually walking on a cushion when I have these on! It was a little weird when I was breaking them in though. My feet kept slipping for some reason, but the rubber eventually softened and molded to the shape of my feet. Since then we've been more or less inseparable wherever appropriate. This is my footwear of choice to yoga classes (really helps lessen the soreness of my feet post-practice), photo shoots (indispensable! I hardly get to sit for hours), the bank, grocery, mall, everywhere. I'm already getting embarrassed wearing this all the time but it's just so darn comfortable.

I managed to get my FitFlops sopping wet once but the water did not seem to change the texture of the upper material. I reckon it would be safe to wear in rainy weather; it has better traction than the usual flimsy flip flops.

I'm half-sorry for the raving but yeah, FitFlops are a part of my life now. They might not look particularly glamorous but who cares about glamour when you can hold off aching feet for hours and hours? I still wear heels of course but only to occasions that require them and these don't last more than three hours anyway. Most of the time, you would probably catch me in my gray loves. ^_^

What do you think of FitFlops? Do you have one too?