Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Lilac Rose

"Shimmer" is a word that has a lot of negative baggage in terms of cosmetics. Especially here in the Philippines, girls run the opposite direction when they hear about shimmer in face products! Well, it's hard to blame them when everyone is so oily and sweaty all the time here. Nonetheless I personally like a bit of shimmer on my face. I like how my complexion looks brighter overall, more skin-like and fresh. 

Now I've said this before and I can go to my grave saying it: nobody does shimmer like Bobbi Brown. It's sooo fine, subtle, and twinkly when it needs to be! It's never vulgar or cheap-looking, but more importantly, it doesn't make skin look like a disco ball.

I'm currently loving the limited edition Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Lilac Rose (P2,400). This looks like blush at first glance, but it's really more of a skin illuminator and highlighter than anything else! It's a sheer golden pink shade that makes the skin look flawless and fresh. Seriously. Illuminators like this are the cosmetic world's best obvious secret.

I've had Bobbi's Shimmer Brick in Bronze for about two years now so this is more of the same, except it's considerably less pigmented. It can be a veeeeeery subtle blush if you layer it with a blush brush. It's best as a sort of extra polish on top of your finishing powder, much like the Guerlain Meteorites, but with more radiance. Simply use your favorite fluffy powder brush to apply this all over the face.

If you need to highlight, just pick up some of the white gold strip with an eyeshadow brush and apply it on the areas of your face that you want to bring out. That would be the bridge of the bone, browbone, cheekbone, and philtrum (bow of the lip). If you're feeling pink on your lids then you can definitely use this as an eyeshadow as long as you use a primer.

It's a bit difficult for me to determine how long this lasts on skin because of its sheerness. But do expect at least two hours of the powder's illuminating effect, before the skin's natural oils take over. And they will take over if you don't blot!

Lilac Rose is a golden, pearly pink

Worn. You can see some of the pink on my cheeks, but see, it's not really that shiny even with a heavy layer. It looks satiny to me.

Can oily girls wear this? Definitely, if you wear a lot of matte makeup to keep the oilies at bay. This will trick other people that you're wearing less makeup than you are! A light layer is enough to do the job. If you have dry to combination skin then you can afford to be more generous.

If you don't wear face makeup on a daily basis, Lilac Rose would be a great skin enhancer; no need to wear powder underneath. I've tried this on top of just concealer and it looks pretty good.

Lilac Rose getting chummy with Bronze. Side note: I've been using the Bronze for two years and look, I haven't hit pan. These Shimmer Bricks are super economical!

So there, I highly recommend the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Lilac Rose if you're looking for a face illuminator with a golden pink hue. It enhances the skin so well, you can't even tell. ;) This is a limited edition product from the spring collection, Lilac & Rose, so you better catch it in Rustans and Bobbi Brown Mall of Asia while it's still available.

Do you use illuminators and highlighters? What are your personal favorites?

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