MeMeMe Dew Pots

I didn't really care for cream eyeshadow before. Why bother when there are excellent powder eyeshadows in any color and finish you can think of? But Lisa Eldridge's tutorial wearing cream eyeshadows plus the Bobbi Brown Shore steered me in the right direction. I realized that this particular formula has something to offer to busy girls who want intense, enhancing, and long lasting color on the eyes with minimum effort.

I love wearing cream eyeshadows when I don't have the time or inclination to fuss on my look. It's easy to blend in primer then wear one color on the lids but it's even quicker to swipe on a cream color! Lazy much? It's a great way to enhance the eyes in just a few seconds! Anyway I recently found out about the MeMeMe Dew Pots (P630 at Makeupholics*), a cream eyeshadow that received decent reviews online.

Here's what I think. :)

What I love about the product

  • It has good color pay-off. One swipe is enough to shade the eyes, but since I want a super opaque finish I swipe twice. I just use my fingers!
  • It's thin, non-sticky texture makes it easy to spread and blend with minimal effort. It doesn't skip or create streaks on the lids.
  • It comes in a glass jar with a cap that seals tightly. 
  • Fairly affordable! You get a lot of product in the jar.

Willow Whisper, Woodland Truffle, Deadly Berry


What I don't like about the product

  • The opening is so small! It barely fits my fingers much less a full-sized brush. 



  • The lasting power is so-so. It does crease after about three hours if I don't set it or use a primer. However, the creasing is minimal and not embarrassingly obvious to me. What I do is I just swipe at the crease to blend the color back and voila! Gone. I like that the product doesn't just fade from my eyes in patches even if I wear them all day. But yes, there's minor creasing on my not-so-oily lids.

Woodland Truffle is a sparkly white gold. Nothing too distracting from afar, I think. 

Willow Whisper is a cool taupe. Nice color but I would go for something warmer.

Deadly Berry is a deep plummy purple with a touch of shimmer. Haven't seriously used this yet but this would be fantastic as an eyeshadow base! Its darkness would bring out the duochromes and the shimmer of powder shadows.

Deadly Berry topped with a purple Stila eyeshadow. This was just a quick swatch, sorry for the messiness! And I swear that white eyeshadow looked beige in the pan.


If you're too busy to wear proper powder eyeshadow and don't have oily lids, then I think you'll love the MeMeMe Dew Pots. It's not perfect, unfortunately, but for the price I think it performs well enough on its own. If you're just going out for a few hours then just swipe this on and go. If you're going to be out in grueling conditions then it's best to use a primer and/or set this with powder.

I know that sounds kinda redundant. However, another awesome thing about cream eyeshadows is that they bring out the complexities of a powder eyeshadow! The full effect of the color will be more visible to the naked eyes. :) Really neat trick if you're going to a special event or a photoshoot, as I demonstrated here.


It's a nice product. I love the two neutral colors I have! Woodland Truffle is my default lately for quick meetings while Willow Whisper is a fun sparkly partner to my bright lipsticks. :)

Do you wear cream eyeshadows? Why or why not?

*I checked and the Dew Pots are currently out of stock at Makeupholics. I think Melanie does pre-orders so just inquire if you're interested!