Reader question: How to prevent your face base from fading when applying color

Hi Liz! Long-time lurker, first-time asker:)

So, I followed your tips on how to create a flawless base, I think I got the steps right, because I'm satisfied with the look I've achieved. I even checked it in natural light (OC!). But when I start contouring the blemishes resurface and darken, it's like they take up the pigments of my blush and contour. Wrong choice of concealer kaya? Thanks! - Tin

Hi Tin! This is an excellent question. It could be the concealer but it's probably your application technique. To prevent your painstakingly-painted base from being erased once you start brushing on color cosmetics, just pat or bounce your brush! Swiper, no swiping! (Yes I went there.) Just use a small amount of product for your first layer since patting it on increases its intensity on your skin.

Don't rub the bristles on either. Just sort of bounce the brush in quick patting motions while going upwards to your hairline. This way, your foundation/concealer/powder will just be pressed onto your skin, instead of coming away with the brush.

Bounce it like you mean it

It will take a bit of practice but you'll soon get the hang of it, I'm sure! Here are a couple more additional tips to keep your base in place.

  • Let your foundation and concealer dry up completely first before applying powder. Some formulas take a while to evaporate and settle, so if your face still feels tacky to the touch, just leave it be for a few minutes. If you want to hurry it up, sit in front of a fan!
  • If your makeup still keeps on getting erased even with the patting technique, then you might want to invest in a concealer that's harder to rub off. I recommend the Artdeco Camouflage Cream Concealer and Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer. These are heavy-duty concealers that can cover the darkest spots and stay in place while at it.


  • If you make a mistake (you already have the blush/contour on but a blemish is revealed) and do not want to redo your makeup, here's a tip: get your pencil eyeliner brush and conceal just the spot. Then, set that concealer - still keeping within the confines of the spot so use a small eyeshadow brush - with the powder you used earlier. Pick up your blush/contour brush without picking up any extra product then just buff the remaining color onto the area. Voila! Blemish invisibility unlocked.


Hoped this helps, Tin! Let me know how it goes. ;) Guys, if you have other tips, do share in the comments! It's always awesome to get other perspectives.