It keeps me up but it keeps me going

I was thinking, if only I could get past February then I can relax and laugh all the way to the bank. But my March is starting to fill up with more events to organize, more work to accomplish. I thought it wasn't possible to get this busy! The only times I get to eat is if I'm at a meeting! Aw. (Now if only all my meetings were in a vegan resto or something, I won't have to worry about my waistline.)

Someone asked me how I'm still able to blog even with everything on my plate. I have thought about leaving Project Vanity for a while, just until work eases up a little. It would be so so easy to just sleep instead of spending 3-4 hours blogging everyday. But the moment I start imagining it I feel silly. I can't leave this blog, the same way I can't cut off my finger. It's against my survival instincts.

Anyway, on other news, I am working on something amazing for you guys. I will be having an event to celebrate Project Vanity's 5th Anniversary! I'm supposed to announce this next week pa but I just can't keep it in. :P Out of all the events I'm organizing, this is the one I'm excited about the most. I can't wait. I'll post details on how to be on the guest list next week so stay tuned for that!