How to apply flawless face makeup

Oh, if we all woke up with perfect skin then the beauty industry would be out of business. We'd be cleansing our faces with only water, wearing only sunlight and a smile when we go out. But that's not meant to be, at least for me. I have several blemishes that need to be covered up while they're fading to oblivion. 

Blemishes? What blemishes, you ask? Well, you can't see them because I am somewhat of a camouflage expert. Teehee. Modesty aside I know quite a few tricks about faking flawless skin so today I'm going to share them with you! You'll find them useful if you have rough and uneven skin that may have acne/blemishes. Also, if you need heavy and long-lasting coverage.

If you already have good skin, go on your way and put my envy in your pocket!

What type of foundation should you use for maximum coverage and comfort?

Invest in a good liquid foundation that matches your skin and your skin type perfectly. Not BB cream, powder, or cream foundation. Liquid foundation. Out of all the foundation types I've tried, liquid has the best, more natural looking coverage that has a version for all skin types (dry to oily). 

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How to apply the foundation

With a stippling brush (I'm using the one from Charm), dot or pat the foundation on the outer sides of your face moving inwards.  You can swipe the brush to blend it better. Apply a heavy layer (as needed) on the outer area of your face, not on the T-zone as most people would recommend. Why? Because the fringes of our face like the sides of the cheeks and chin tend to break out/ blemish more.

Apply only the tiniest bit of foundation on your t-zone since it's probaby where most of your good skin is; allow it to show through to fool the observer into thinking that you don't have that much makeup.

Btw, it's okay if you don't have a stippling brush. Your fingers will do, but using a brush delivers a more natural, even coverage.

How to apply concealer

More is more when it comes to concealer. Apply a thick layer as needed, then blur out the lines using your fingers or brush of choice. Don't touch the middle part; let it set.

Erase the obvious lines only and don't swipe the concealer around

For tiny blemishes, you can actually use a pencil point eyeliner brush to apply the concealer. For big patches of blemishes (or if you're just lazy) you can use the traditional taclon flat brush with rounded edges.

Set everything with a fine loose powder

To prevent your face makeup from sliding around and fading during the day, use a loose translucent powder. I love the Palgantong Theatrical Powder - it looks matte (but not flat) and smooth!

However, if you want heavier coverage and a way better lasting power, you can use your favorite pressed foundation. I won't recommend you do this daily, but it's a useful trick if you're in for a day of posing for cameras and sweating under the sun.

Use a big, fluffy powder brush to pat the powder on. Don't swipe to avoid erasing your concealer.

And that's it really. It's not as hard as you think! I like using different combinations of foundation, concealer, and powder depending on the occasion and the effect I want to achieve. That's a different story entirely, so if you're curious and looking for specific suggestions, just let me know in the comments! :)