Real Techniques Duo-Fiber Brush Collection

I've been intrigued about the Real Techniques Duo-Fiber Brush Collection (P1,149) ever since it came out, more so after I read the good reviews! I finally nabbed my own set, thanks to Kalm Cosmetics. This store is the official distributor of Real Techniques here in the Philippines btw, so check it out if you want a better deal or if you're interested in selling wholesale.

Anyway! The RT Duo-Fiber brushes are a great addition to your collection if you want a finer, soft-focus finish to your makeup. If you're the sort who hates having sharp lines of color on your face, cakey makeup, or having to consciously use a light hand every time you apply color, the this set is for you!

Weighted handles and metallic white ferrules make for a luxe feeling, even though the brushes aren't that expensive

The duo-fiber (well, technically these brushes don't have "two fibers" - they're just two different colors of synthetic hair) material of these brushes is super soft and plush. They don't feel scratchy at all (although the eye brush has a couple of pointy bits). The sparse white tip picks up a small amount while the black, dense hair at the bottom blends it. Pretty handy.

Here's a quick rundown of what each brush is for!

Duo-Fiber Face Brush. This is a large brush specifically designed to apply finishing powder. You can also use this for blushes if you have a wide face.

Duo-Fiber Contour Brush. This is a smaller brush ideal for detail work. Contour your cheeks, jawline, temples, and apply blush with it. If you have intense blushes/contour powder that are hard to work with, this is the brush for the job! It's also great for applying liquid highlighter.

Duo-Fiber Eye Brush. Supposedly good for applying finishing touches to the eyes. I think it's a bit pointy though, and doesn't do much, even just to blend. I think it works best as a concealer brush (for under-eyes, around the nose and mouth) and as a nose contour brush. 


Now, if you're looking to buy this as you first Real Techniques set, don't - this isn't a good starter set. These brushes are ideal for adding finishing touches to makeup, rather than building it. I would recommend you get the Core Collection first, then maybe a Face Brush and Blush Brush. This'll really give you the perfect face base!

I love the Real Techniques Duo-Fiber Brush Collection and will definitely continue to use it. :) Although if I have to choose, I would rather go for the Core Collection Brush Set. It's much more basic and useful!

Do you have the Duo-Fiber set yet, or are you planning on getting it?