Eyeshadow Week: BYS Eyeshadow Palette in Guilty Pleasures

A lot of girls seem to be intimidated by smoky eyes - I can't blame them, it is a tough look to pull off if you're just starting to play with makeup. I had to practice A LOT to get the blending and the shape juuuust right; it helped to finally acquire the right brushes for the job, too. But it was a rewarding adventure. I'm gonna call it an adventure because I can recall with horror how my early smoky eyes looked like. Hehe.

Still, I hope I'm not totally scaring you off this dramatic eye look. It can elongate and widen your eyes, perfect for evening engagements or instances where you'll get photographed! Now one drugstore palette that I really like to use for smoky eyes is the BYS Eyeshadow Palette in Guilty Pleasures (P499). This has a nice selection of colors with good pigmentation - not bad for the price!

This caught my eye while I was shopping at Watsons (only place where you can find BYS since they're exclusive)!Anyway, I like the payoff of the colors, especially the darkest ones; you'll really get an opaque olive or black if you layer it properly. You'd still need an eyeshadow base to make the light and medium colors to show up, but I use a base with almost all my eyeshadows so no biggie.

The texture is smooth albeit chalky. As long as you tap the brush before applying the color, you'd be okay. ;) Check out the swatches and my FOTD wearing it after the cut!

Lovely, eh? My faves are the lilac, purple, and that coppery plum on the bottom row. Purple is my default color for smoky eyes (obvs!) so of course I had to do it again here. :P Sorry, can't help myself.

I used the lilac on the lids, purple on the crease, and the dark plum on the outer v. I used the darkest shade (leftmost, bottom row color) to line my upper lids and the dark olive (rightmost, upper row) to line the lower lids. I do like the gold glint there, very subtle.

Overall, I recommend the BYS Eyeshadow Palette in Guilty Pleasures if you're looking for a nice smoky palette that won't ruin your beauty budget. It's not quite like high-end eyeshadows, of course, but it performs well enough for the price. 

What do you think? Are you into smoky eyes?