Eyeshadow Week: New Avon True Color Eyeshadow Quads

Have you tried Avon eyeshadows before? I have, but they were woefully unimpressive last year. The texture and pigmentation needed a lot of work, and the sponge they came with? Useless. I have good news though! Avon has finally refomulated their quads, and I tell you, they are pretty good! 

I've been using them quite often since I got them, so I thought I'd start Eyeshadow Week at Project Vanity with the new Avon True Color Eyeshadow Quads (P449).

The new formula is a lot smoother and more pigmented than before. I also love the sophisticated color selection, and how well each color in the quad goes together. You can get a nice day look by mixing just two colors or a dramatic evening look by combining all four. The darkest shade in each quad is a deep matte that's pigmented enough to be used as eyeliner (wet or dry works!).

Chocolate Sensation is a lovely smoky neutral palette. I love ALL the colors, and I think they'd look good across most skintones! I do wish that #1 (Shimmering Beige) isn't so shimmery and frosty; if it were matte, this palette would been perfect. But I can live with it, as a lid color!

Shimmering Beige, Milk Chocolate, Truffle, Black Brown (such a creamy, pigmented matte!)

Chocolate Sensation

Emerald Cut is another gorgeous palette. The #2 or Softened Peach is sadly rather chalky and pale, but I think that the palette is redeemed by #3 and #4 - these two are very pigmented olive and smoky emerald greens!

Shimmering Beige, Softened Peach, Green Metal, Blackened Emerald

Green Metal on the lids and Blackened Emerald on the outer V. These shadpows are so smooth and fine, alhough there are a few flecks of glitter fallout from them.

I think that Vibrant Spice is the most put-together out of the three palettes I have. The four colors are perfect together, and they are not something that you'd find in an affordable palette. They are all pigmented too! #4 in paticular is so pigmented that it kinda leaves a slight stain your lids.

Gold, Lush Lavender, Shimmering Copper, Caramelized Plum

I love the case (although I think they could be smaller and sleeker), and I love the new sponge. The sponge is dense and bends to accommodate the curves of the eyes. It picks up the right amount of product, depositing them in a way that maximizes the color's opacity. They're really handy! I sometimes prefer to use the sponge instead of a brush, that's how convenient it is.

Now, these quads are good, but they're not perfect. The pink in the Emerald Cut for example is chalky and not so pigmented. I also wish that the shade #1 in Emerald Cut and Chocolate Sensation are matte instead of shimmery (matte looks better on the brow bones IMHO). But these are minor complaints. 

Overall, I really like the new Avon True Color Eyeshadow Quads. I recommend them to just about anyone who needs a nicely pigmented palette with well-thought out colors, a big mirror, and a handy sponge applicator - all at a price point that won't break the bank. These are great palettes for beginners, but I'm sure that even intermediate and pro makeup users would enjoy them. 

So, what do you think? Have you tried this yet? Which palette do you like most?