LipIce Color Lip Balm

You already know how much I love the Mentholatum LipIce lip balm and the LipIce Sheer Color tinted balm. I always carry them around and that's a fact! Get them if you haven't yet. ;) Anyway a few weeks ago, I got to try the LipIce Color Lip Balm(P145), which is basically the brand's version of lipstick. How does it fare in comparison to Sheer Color? 

The LI Color Lip Balm comes in three everyday shades: Sweet Rose (a pigmented shimmery, shiny pink), Pretty Pink (peachy pink), and Candy Apple (my lips but better pink-brown color). Yes they're rather oddly named, but then again my description of colors is very subjective. Nonetheless, these are all lovely shades that are school and office-safe.

As with all LI products, the Color Lip Balm is moisturizing and feels thin on the lips. Perhaps it's slighty thicker than Sheer Color due to the pigments, but it's almost undetectable. I also like that the colors are pigmented - just like real lipstick! The finish is quite shiny, the formula reminiscent of the Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Supreme Shine lipstick.

Sweet Rose, Pretty Pink, Candy Apple

Sweet Rose is a happy pink shade that has quite a bit of sparkle. It's not obvious when worn but it does leave glitter on your lips once it's gone.

Candy Apple is more subdued in person; it's just the editing that shows it to be a reddish-pink. It's more an MLBB shade than anything.

Pretty Pink is the sheerest out of the bunch. It looks peachy to me, and for some reason makes lips look smoother than they really are.

This is super affordable so I hate to nitpick. But I just have to mention that you shouldn't expect a lot from the thin plastic packaging. The product also gives off a waxy scent and taste - this is surprising because the other LipIce products I've tried don't have this.

Overall, the LipIce Color Lip Balm is a lovely product to try if you like moisturizing, pigmented lipsticks. It's easily available in drugstores for such a nice price, too! Get Sweet Rose, it's my favorite out of the bunch.

Is this better than Sheer Color? Hm, I think I like Sheer Color more. It gives the lips this gorgeous pink tint, without the waxy taste. 

So...tried this yet? How was it?

You can find LipIce in Watsons. You can also follow the brand on Facebook for news and updates.