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Save, Spend, or Splurge: Lip balms that deliver moisture + color

The intense heat we’re experiencing this summer has made my lips drier than usual. Although I love wearing matte lip products, it’s just too uncomfortable to wear now because even with a balm underneath, my lips still dry out like a raisin. I’ve been reaching for tinted lip balms more instead, as the fuss-free application gives me juicy moisture and a hint of color at the same time! Whether you want just a sheer tint or full-on pigmentation, we’ve got great recos for every kind of budget.

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LipIce Color Lip Balm

You already know how much I love the Mentholatum LipIce lip balm and the LipIce Sheer Color tinted balm. I always carry them around and that's a fact! Get them if you haven't yet. ;) Anyway a few weeks ago, I got to try the LipIce Color Lip Balm(P145), which is basically the brand's version of lipstick. How does it fare in comparison to Sheer Color? 

The LI Color Lip Balm comes in three everyday shades: Sweet Rose (a pigmented shimmery, shiny pink), Pretty Pink (peachy pink), and Candy Apple (my lips but better pink-brown color). Yes they're rather oddly named, but then again my description of colors is very subjective. Nonetheless, these are all lovely shades that are school and office-safe.

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Mentholatum Lip Ice lip balm

Lip balms are the kind of things you should keep lying around in case you need it - which is all the time! Me I keep a lip balm on my desk, current bags that I use, my jeans pocket, and my dresser. I can't stand dry, chapping lips so I take extra precautions. Especially now when the weather is cooler, sensitive skin tends to be drier.

One lip balm I love is the Mentholatum Lip Ice lip balm (P89). This lip balm brand has a cult following in Singapore and Hong Kong, so much that my friends would stock up a good supply before leaving for the Philippines. Everyone hoorayed when Lip Ice finally arrived in our shores last year - and I totally understand why.

What I love about the product

  • Moisturizing without being waxy.
  • Takes a loooong time to dry up on your lips, and when it does, it just sort of absorbs into the skin instead of drying up in flakes.
  • Has SPF15!
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Lip Ice Sheer Color

A week ago, a commenter named Audrephepburnfan left a question on my Ask Away! forum. Actually, it was more than a question - she left a review of one of her favorite products, the Lip Ice Sheer Color balm (P145). A few days later, someone from Lip Ice sent me a package containing their whole line. Coincidence? Looks like it!

Oh, but what a happy coincidence.

Two variants: strawberry and fragrance-free

This product is awesome! It's definitely worth all the raves. :D And to think this is only P145 (2 grams) and easily available in SM Department Stores and Watsons. What I like most about it is how gorgeous the color is. It has a nice glossy finish and comes off as a pretty pink, emphasizing the natural pigmentation of your lips.

So, for a change, here's Audreyhepburn fan's review of Lip Ice Sheer Color!

I'm currently using this product called LipIce Sheer Color. It is a clear balm which turns your lips pink depending on your moisture level. I have read reviews about it before I purchased myself one.

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