Japonesque Dual Sided Brush 130

I've always wanted to own something from Japonesque. I have this impression that the brand is serious about makeup artistry and craftsmanship, being such a well-loved name by makeup artists all over the world. I never tried it earlier though because of how expensive it is. One basic brush can fetch more than P2,000!

Truth be told that's not an uncommon price for high-end brushes. However, seeing as I just apply makeup on myself, I don't want to spend that much on a single brush just yet. So imagine my surprise when I saw a pro-sized Japonesque brush for only P895 at Beauty Bar!

I literally stopped in my tracks and asked the sales assistant to take it out from the box. I actually wanted to buy a brush like this from MAC a few limited ed collections ago but again couldn't justify a ~P2,000 splurge for a single brush. P895 isn't peanuts either but it's reasonable because, well, it's Japonesque. 

Okay sorry about rambling on about the price. Still can't get over it. :P I think the reason this is cheaper compared to the normal Japonesque brushes is because half of it is synthetic hair. It's also made for makeup enthusiasts like me - not beginners but not professional either. It hits the sweet spot between quality and being reasonably priced.

The Japonesque Dual Sided 130 Brush (P895) is soft yet stiff enough to do what needs to be done. I love that there are four main ways to use this:

1. As an applicator for powder eyeshadow. I use the synthetic side to pat on a concentrated amount on my lids, then the animal hair side to blend things together. It's rather big for detail work but if you have a big eye area (like me) or want to apply a wash of eyeshadow in just a couple of swipes, this is perfect.

2. For cream eyeshadow. The SS (synthetic side) applies cream products like a dream! It's dense enough but it doesn't eat the product. The product also doesn't stick to the brush which means all of it goes where it's supposed to go. The AHS (animal hair side) is great for applying a powder eyeshadow to top off the cream. This way you get a more intense and/or complex color and texture!

3. For concealer and setting powder. Same routine - the SS to achieve heavy coverage from your cream/ liquid concealer, then the AHS to set it all with powder. Can I just say, this brush is MFEO with the Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit!

4. For wet or powdered blush. The brush is big enough to apply blush evenly on the apples of the cheeks. Pretty cool huh? I don't know how but the Japonesque gives this super soft focus effect to skin. Just apply in downward strokes while applying blush. You can also use it to highlight certain points in your face (cream or powder choose your poison)!

You can also use this to apply liquid foundation if you have a petite face - it's small for that purpose which means application is slower but you will get the promised HD or superfine/focus effect. I have a big face though so I would rather get the bigger versions of this brush.

So there. That's why I keep raving about the price. It can do soooo many things, and it does them well! Get one if this is something you think you'll utilize fully. As for me - it's perfect! I want to get the bigger brush for foundation and blush specifically. I think it's around P1,600+. :)

Whatchuthink? Is this brush is for you?

You can find Japonesque in all Beauty Bar branches.