The year that was 2012

I scanned all my posts this 2012 - roughly 600 of them - to get a feel of how my year has been. Mostly it was a blur. Things that happened in January feel like they happened only last week! I wish I am just exaggerating to make my life sound more important than it actually isn't, but true story, I still can't wrap my mind around the fact that it's 2013 tomorrow.

In a little over a month (February 7) I will be turning 25. Quarter of a century. I don't feel old, but I don't feel young anymore. It's around this point when people start thinking about what they want to do with their lives. I've already figured out what I want to do with my life, barring unexpected changes. The so-called mid-life crisis shall be lost on me (or am I speaking too soon?).

Anyway, here's a quick trip down my memory lane. Some of the fun things I did in 2012!

Organized and hosted a Pinkbox party early January. It's my first event for Pinkbox! <3 I love Ms Nelly! She's my peg in life. I also enjoy working on Pinkbox because it' pink! But seriously, I love the people there, and how the brand keeps on coming up with new creative things for us girls to wear. (Photos grabbed from Angela). 

I met Maggie and Annie, daughters of Jean and Jane Ford (founders of Benefit Cosmetics) on my birthday. They were so awesome! And nice! And tall haha.

Last March, I had the chance to give a talk about beauty and confidence at Adamson University. I am so thankful to Tupperwear Brands, particularly Colour Collection, for the opportunity! (Hi May!)

August - was part of a panel discussion at the Unilab Social Media Summit. Surreal! (Thank you Roch!)

Again on August - I organized and hosted a blogger event for Zen Zest. Michelle Fontelera, the founder and CEO of Zen Zest, is easily one of the most inspiring women I know. I am so so grateful to her for giving me the opportunity to work on her brand!

Group shot! Photos grabbed from Paul. Here's his coverage of the event.

Featured on! I may have been featured in newspapers and other magazines but I never get to see any of them. :( Unless someone tags me!

Like this! I would never have known about this Philippine Star mention (Shiseido event) if Cheryl didn't tag me! (Thanks Cheryl hehe)

My first video podcast was on Karrots' Live Love Lolz show. Super had fun, as usual when I'm with her! She's a riot!


And this is my second Pinkbox Party last October. We launched the wildly successful Hair Puff and Hair Donuts! Read more about it here.

November - I organized a Diva-Off party for Zen Zest's Holiday Collection. Power couple Divine Lee and Victor Basa were they! They're so sweet together. <3 Bloggers also had their way with the mic. Guess who the real divas are!

 I walked the runway for Ferretti. Lol. I organized 20 bloggers to represent the brand too! :D Again, surreal.

So that's what I did this year. :) I wish I have deep insights to share with you, I really do, but I have to walk the dog and my mind is elsewhere. Do expect a product round-up soon though! I've compiled the links of my favorites, I just need to photograph them together.

Before I sign off for 2012, I just want to thank all of you for reading my blog. I say this a lot, but I don't think people get how much I mean it. The truth is, this website won't be anywhere without you! Thank you so much for always leaving kind and insightful comments, for always watching my back. Your trust in me is something I value more than all the freebies and perks I get out of this blog. So thank you. So much.

Here's to a happier, more successful 2013 for all of us! Cheers!