My Colour Collection Tour at Adamson University

I have always enjoyed standing in front of a crowd and doing my thing, whether it's speaking or singing. That was why weird little me looked forward to reporting, especially in college! Lol. That's why I was very excited to give a talk on beauty and fashion in one of Manila's top schools, Adamson University, upon the invitation of Tupperware/ Colour Collection.

The huge purple tour bus and I

The Colour Collection / Tupperware team - I love you guys!

Inside the bus, a Colour Collection paradise awaits

I dished a lot of makeup tips for college girls - from applying base to working with color, all under 15 minutes -and then shared some advice on how to dress for certain occasions like job interviews or romantic dates. Many of the girls asked me tips on specific concerns like how to make thin lips look fuller, how to contour, and so on. It's like a hyperactive, live version of Project Vanity, and I loved every minute of it!

Candid ang peg. Hi Doms!

But I'd like to think that the talk went beyond just surface things like makeup. I also discussed how makeup helped me transform myself from an awkward geeky girl into a (ehem) better-looking awkward geeky girl through the years. Haha. Makeup really helped changed my life. I seriously wouldn't be happy where I am now if I didn't believe in myself and my capabilities, and as shallow as it might sound, makeup helped me feel more confident about these things.

I am hoping that the students learned a lot from my talk. Ultimately, I want them to take care of themselves, to know their true worth and potential, and to go for their dreams whatever it takes. That goes the same for you, too! The skincare, makeup, and clothes you wear are all just part of the journey. :)

With some of the students! Holler if you're in here!

Thank you Colour Collection and Tupperware for giving me this awesome opportunity! I hope to give more talks like this in the future, so if you know anyone needing a resource person, you know where to reach me. ;)

PS Don't forget to follow Tupperware Brands Philippines on Facebook ok! Oh and please do read my Top 5 Colour Collection products to try post. You must try this brand!

With May of Tupperware, one of my favorite persons in the world <3