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The year that was 2013

When one is a certain age, memories grow fuzzy around the edges. It can happen when you're 79 or like me, at 24. I find myself forgetting a lot of old yet important details in favor of absorbing day-to-day information. This irks me to no end but then, what are blogs for?

I don't want to be overly melodramatic here so I'll keep it short. The year 2013 has been incredibly amazing, for me. It's the year I finally got to travel out of the country, the year I met more wonderful people and managed to sign in more clients. It's a year of discovery, of seeing just how far I can push the envelope. Many of my dreams came true. This gave birth to new aspirations for 2014, naturally!

Here are a few highlights of my 2013. I hope you don't feel like I'm bragging or anything, as this is just a useful way for me to reference how my year went. :)

The world outside was something that I only read about in books or saw in TV shows. That said, I knew I'd get to travel someday, but I didn't know that 2013 would be the year! I was extremely lucky to visit Japan twice, first during the muggy summer and second during the fall. I love this country and would like to come back at least once a year, if I'm able. It's beautiful there, the people are nice, and the food is amazing!

I hope someday I can explore more of it outside Tokyo.

I also got to visit Hong Kong with my parents. It's a great place to shop and eat at, but not much else. Still, I appreciate being able to see the awesome Hong Kong skyline and to finally visit Disneyland. I have more photos in this post.

I organized six events/ small gatherings for my clients last year. I got to work with amazing new brands like Wink Laser & Wax Studio, Dakasi Milk Tea, and Ellana Minerals.

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The year that was 2012

I scanned all my posts this 2012 - roughly 600 of them - to get a feel of how my year has been. Mostly it was a blur. Things that happened in January feel like they happened only last week! I wish I am just exaggerating to make my life sound more important than it actually isn't, but true story, I still can't wrap my mind around the fact that it's 2013 tomorrow.

In a little over a month (February 7) I will be turning 25. Quarter of a century. I don't feel old, but I don't feel young anymore. It's around this point when people start thinking about what they want to do with their lives. I've already figured out what I want to do with my life, barring unexpected changes. The so-called mid-life crisis shall be lost on me (or am I speaking too soon?).

Anyway, here's a quick trip down my memory lane. Some of the fun things I did in 2012!

Organized and hosted a Pinkbox party early January. It's my first event for Pinkbox! <3 I love Ms Nelly! She's my peg in life. I also enjoy working on Pinkbox because it' pink! But seriously, I love the people there, and how the brand keeps on coming up with new creative things for us girls to wear. (Photos grabbed from Angela). 

I met Maggie and Annie, daughters of Jean and Jane Ford (founders of Benefit Cosmetics) on my birthday. They were so awesome! And nice! And tall haha.

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