Japan on my mind

I have never believed in love at first sight, until I set foot in Japan. It is a country of extreme contradictions - modern with gleaming towers and newfangled inventions, yet still traditional at its core. For example, there is a 700,000-square meter forest right in the middle of Tokyo's busiest district, Shibuya, that contains a shrine to their deified emperors (Meiji Shrine). The Japanese always remember and honor their roots. 

They are also obsessively practical and detailed, at least compared to the Philippines where we have a happy-go-lucky attitude towards things. But the Japanese, well, they really think of everything! They have built-in bidets in toilets that have perpetually warm seats. 

The people are also always courteous, disciplined, and prompt. Go into any shop, and you'll get a smile and a hearty konnichiwa or ohayō gozaimasu! They also always walk on the left side of the road or corridor, so as not to hassle those in a hurry. 

I can go on and on really. I want to regularly visit Japan as long as I'm able. That's now one of my life goals!

I thought I'd post some random photos I took during my trip last July. :) They aren't all particularly nice photos, but each one has a small story.

JAL Airline offers a LOT of yummy food! And I like that it's healthy too.

I know five-hour flights aren't that long in the scheme of things, but I felt so haggard after. And I really wish I brought bigger luggage! I thought I would travel light since I was only gonna be in Tokyo for three days...but I didn't account for the amount of shopping I ended up doing.

The Rainbow Bridge leading to Tokyo. I remember the mounting giddiness and excitement even though the ride from Narita Airport to Tokyo took about two hours.

My hotel room. Cozy, and with an awesome view of Ginza.

First thing I did after unpacking: a video chat with Snaps! He was feeling sad because I was away.

Tokyo cabs are some of the most expesive in the worl. 0_0 A 5-minute drive cost about Y700, or roughly P350.

This is the Shiseido flagship store. It has been in the exact same spot for the last 140 years. Imagine that!

I accidentally took a picture of this gentleman in Ginza. Shortly after I took the shot (I wasn't aiming at all), he started speaking to me in Japanese. He seemed to be asking me directions! Do I seem remotely Japanese to you? 0_0

I'm not super fond of selfies, but I wish I took more of them during the trip.

Ginza at night smells like the sea. Brine-y, and warm.

This is Mega magazine's beauty editor, Kim Palanca, taking one of her great travel shots! Love this woman.

Yes, these are pay phones. That actually work. And yes those are phone books!

Bed hair! This is around 5am. The sun rises ridiculously early in Japan during the summer (not sure about the other seasons). 

I love Meiji Stawyberry Chocolate. I recently found these exact same ones (in bars with strawberry bits) are available in the SM Aura supermarket!!


The city is practically deserted at 7AM! It'll only start filling up by 8:30 AM shortly before people start for work.

The Shinkansen

This outfit? Still waaaay too hot for the 31-32 degree summer!

You won't feel the speed while you're inside the bullet train. But when you're outside, you'll feel as if the ground is being raised when one passes by!

I will be visiting Japan again later this month. I can't wait. Literally. I am so restlessly excited I don't even know what to do with myself!