Pinkbox Party: Introducing the Hair Puff and Hair Donut

I'm kind of embarrassed that I'm only writing about this now, considering I'm one of the people who made this much pink happen in one afternoon. Lol. It's certainly one of the most memorable events I've taken part of this year. Good food, good friends, and exciting new things always make for a fab soiree, after all!


The Pinkbox event last October 24 introduced amazing hair products that I'm sure you'll love - the Hair Donut and Hair Puff. I've already showed you how to use the hair puff to get an instant bouffant! The Hair Donut is for creating the famous sock bun with actually bothering with socks. It's made of an ultra-light foam that doesn't feel heavy and hot on the head, and makes these huge Korean buns a breeze even for hair noobs.

Here's a bit more information: 

I'd do a tutorial of the bun if I had long hair, but I don't. :( So hope the diagram helps! You just need the foam insert and of course some bobby pins. Another example, messier than the first:

The Hair Puff on Martha - sleek half up style

You can even combine the Hair Puff and Donut to get super volumized hair with zero teasing. :) I imagine that these are perfect for the upcoming holiday parties! Sure a blow dry or new 'do is great, but it's not like we all have time to spend a few hours in the salon. These hair tools from Pinkbox simplifies the hair dilemma and do not take long to master. That donut bun in particular is a favorite of hair artists for creating wispy updos for weddings and debuts.

And of course, here are more photos of the event! We held it at Aria Cucina Italia in The Fort - such a nice ambiance, and everyone raved about the food. ;) They're famous for their pizzas! Yes it's the same Aria from Boracay.

Arugula salad with a balsamic dressing

Pizza with three flavors! There's more food but I don't have snaps -_-

My favorite foamy freshly brewed iced tea


Cute Pinkbox accessories 

Ms Nelly, the founder and CEO of Pinkbox, with Verniece, Pinkbox's biggest fan! She's so cute!

Dionne, Martha, and I

So there you go! Hope you like the pictures. <3 Do try the Pinkbox Donut Bun and Hair Puff also if you're looking for new ways to play or tame your hair!

The Pinkbox Donut Bun comes in three sizes - P119.75 for small, P129.75 for medium, and P149.75 for large

The Hair Puff comes in a set of two (small and medium sizes) for P189.75

Disclaimer: I work as a marketing and PR consultant for Pinkbox. :)