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Pinkbox Party: Introducing the Hair Puff and Hair Donut

I'm kind of embarrassed that I'm only writing about this now, considering I'm one of the people who made this much pink happen in one afternoon. Lol. It's certainly one of the most memorable events I've taken part of this year. Good food, good friends, and exciting new things always make for a fab soiree, after all!


The Pinkbox event last October 24 introduced amazing hair products that I'm sure you'll love - the Hair Donut and Hair Puff. I've already showed you how to use the hair puff to get an instant bouffant! The Hair Donut is for creating the famous sock bun with actually bothering with socks. It's made of an ultra-light foam that doesn't feel heavy and hot on the head, and makes these huge Korean buns a breeze even for hair noobs.

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Hair tutorial: How to do a bouffant in five minutes

Okay, two things about me: I am inept when it comes to styling my hair and I have very thin hair. That kinda limits the number of options for me, doesn't it? I just usually let my hair down to allow my natural curls to do the work but that can get old pretty fast!

Good thing we live in the future. There are a lot of cool implements and tools to style our hair now, one of which is this Pinkbox Hair Puff. Disclaimer: I work with the brand. Still, I think it's a pretty neat product so I decided to share it with you guys. :)

Basically, the Hair Puff is a velcro insert that you can use to do bouffants on the front or middle part of your head. Instead of teasing your hair and using loads of hair spray to create volume, you can cut the prep time by simply attaching the puff. This is very useful if you want volume on top of your head without the work and the nasty part of cleaning it all up.

So, without further ado, here's a super easy tutorial on how to do a bouffant using the Pinkbox Hair Puff and only two clips!

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