The BB creams of Watsons

Now that the mega drugstore retailer, Watsons, carries BB creams in their shelves as if they were candy, there is no doubt that the Philippines has been converted to the BB cream religion. And why not? BB creams are extremely convenient for the busy career woman - or even man, for that matter - and they usually provide instant sun protection which is a must in the tropics.

I use one or two BB creams on occasion, myself, usually when I step out of the house. These creams are great, but just don't expect them to deliver their promise of being skincare too, because they're not. BB creams are now completely makeup, far from their original lofty ideals of being "blemish balms" for damaged skin.

That said, meet some of Watsons best BB creams! (And don't forget to read my BB cream/ tinted moisturizer battle royale post).

The Gluta & Placenta BB Cream by Glorious Skin (P169) is probably the cheapest one out there. It's perfect for teens who want to try their first foundation, especially since this one provides natural but good coverage at a nice price. It's also one of the few BB creams/TMs that will match morena skin without the white cast. 

Because of the glutathione and the placenta extract, it has some whitening properties. Side note, it has a smell I dislike. It does dissipate quickly though.

The Pure Beauty Soothing BB Cream (P199) is supposedly for those with red and sensitive skin. Its coverage is heavy and the single shade can work for those with medium skin/ neutral undertones. If you're yellow or beige though, you may find that it leaves a grayish cast.

I've already talked about the Purederm 3-in-1 Magic BB Cream (P699) last year so you better just read my review. :D Quick comments: it's a favorite of other bloggers due to the yellow-toned shade, plus it has good coverage. It's a dupe of the considerably more expensive Dr Jart Silver Label BB Cream, which is around P1,800 when it was still being sold here.

The Dream Girl Faith BB Cream has a light, gritty texture that somehow reminds me of powder. It even smells like powder. It offers very little to no coverage. I think this is more appropriate as a makeup base, but in any case, there are better products for that purpose.

Here's the shade comparison:

 Dream Girl Faith BB Cream (yellow), Gluta & Placenta BB Cream by Glorious Skin (pink-beige), Purederm 3-in-1 Magic BB Cream (yellow), Pure Beauty Soothing BB Cream (neutral)

Don't be scared of the shades - the first layer goes on light and blends well!

If you ask me, I would recommend the Pure Beauty and Purederm BB creams - those are your best bets. ;) Anything you're interested to try? Have you tried any of these? What are your thoughts? I'm intrigued!


All the BB creams featured here are exclusively carried by Watsons.