The FAB Salon at Newport Mall

Free services at a fab salon + cupcakes + beauty bloggers is always a recipe for WIN. When FAB Salon invited us to a beauty boot camp, we were so ready. 

Obvious ba? Lol.

FAB Salon is a relatively new salon in Newport Mall, Resorts World. It's owned by the same guy who is behind Bruno’s Barbers - but not to worry, FAB Salon is specifically for women and the staff are trained by none other than celebrity hairstylist Lourd Ramos. The staff also underwent a workshop on professionalism and ettiquette by Patty Betita. 

Even with the suave interiors and the mid-range to high-end products used on the clients, FAB Salon has attractive prices. A basic cut starts at P300, color at P1,300, and hair treatments from P800. They also have a mini-spa in the salon, with services like manicures (P200), pedicures (P250), foot spas with pedicure (P500), and a back massage for as low as P200. They also have threading and waxing services available starting at P200.

Here's the service menu for full details.

Phoebe enjoying her back massage

Shen about to get her hair done

I only got to try two services that night because I was busy making chika - eyebrow threading (P200) and manicure (P200). The eyebrow threading made me cry, but that's understandable because I am easily teary eyed even when I'm grooming my own brows.

I told the attendant just to take out the stray hairs because I love my eyebrows as is, but he ended up slightly thinning it. Well, I was worried at first because I like lush brows, but in the end I liked how my new kilay looked on me. It was tons easier to shape afterwards.

Kira getting hers threaded

As for the manicure, I loved it! The manicurist had very nimble hands and did the job very quickly. The brands available in the polish tray were Orly and Sally Hansen - nice brands, but maybe they would consider adding O.P.I. or maybe Chanel! I had my nails done in the same YSL style like before but this time I used purple and gold. I'm afraid I didn't take down the nail polish names, but both colors were from Sally Hansen.

Loved the shades but I noticed that SH polishes shows tip wear too fast and dries too slow. I mean, you can get better polishes for P100 from Etude House, The Face Shop, Tony Moly, and so on.

I do not know what I was trying to achieve here hehe. Anyway check out the brows, they look better right?

Overall, I enjoyed my evening at FAB Salon. I love the ambiance and interiors, the prices, and the staff are super nice. Oh and did I mention that they're open until 2am? That's because they want to catch the casino crowd. If you're in the Newport area, I recommend you drop by at FAB Salon for budget-friendly services. I'll probably visit again!

PS Shoutout to Kira! I hope her boyfriend, Mark, went through the operation with no trouble. He recently got into a motorcycle accident. Please pray for him if you pray, if not please keep him in your thoughts and wish for his speedy recovery.