National costume of Miss Philippines-Universe 2011, Shamcey Supsup

Morning guys! I just woke up. While sleepily browsing my Twitter timeline (please follow me!), I saw the pictures of the national costume that Miss Philippines-Universe Shamcey Supsup will wear to the upcoming Miss Universe pageant in São Paulo, Brazil. I don't really follow beauty pageants but my gosh, this costume made me wake up pronto.

Shamcey looks beautiful...and shiny! Two things: one, why can't we have our beauty queens wear something, er, fashion-forward? Dress her in Michael Cinco if that's what it takes. Two, why is Shamcey already wearing a crown? 

For reference, here is Venus Raj's costume last year. It was designed by Alfredo Barraza, a Colombian designer who also did her evening gown. Again, two questions: why pick a non-Filipino designer and why choose someone who also designs for Miss Colombia? Isn't that a conflict of interest?

Here is what Rajo Laurel sketched for Venus Raj. It is inspired by the pintados. IMHO, it looks amazing.

Now check out what Rajo designed for Shamcey this year, if he had the chance to dress her:

Discuss! What do you think about Shamcey's national costume? Do you think she should have gone with Rajo Laurel?

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