Tinted moisturizer/ BB cream Battle Royale

Someone over on Facebook asked me about tinted moisturizer brands to try. Since I knew that my answer is bound to be pretty long, I decided to blog it instead! I included BB creams in this list because they are actually tinted moisturizers just called differently - they work on the same principle of providing sheer, natural coverage and moisture in one product.

I made a list of all the TMs/BB creams I've ever tried according to budget and what they're best for. Please note that it's a given that the shades are very, very limited plus TMs/ BB creams in general are not designed with morena skin in mind. Sad but true - still, I have a couple of TMs here that might have a shade for darker skin!

Click the links to see the detailed review!

Super affordable

Myra Vitaglow tinted moisturizer (P150)

Pros: Incredibly cheap at P150 but still works pretty well for the price. Provides natural coverage and comes in two Pinay skin friendly shades (they're light but they blend in nicely). Has SPF15 and Vitamin E.

Cons: Some complain about the glitter, though personally I don't mind.

Verdict: I highly recommend this for makeup beginners and for people who already have good skin. This is your best option if you're on a very tight budget, but if you're willing to throw in a couple more hundred bucks, there are other brands to try.

Colour Collection Gluta-White BB Cream (P379)

Pros: Great lasting power, great as a makeup base, has SPF27, nice everything. Just check out my review! 

Cons: Has a dry texture, so it's not as moisturizing as other TMs/ BB creams. Use moisturizer beforehand. Another thing, this can only be availed through Tupperware direct sellers so availability may be an issue for others.

Verdict: This is pretty good. I recommend it to anyone who's looking for a multi-tasking TM at a nice price.

Tony Moly Baby Doll BB Foundation (P398)

Pros: Love how it looks like on the skin. I also love that it helps control oil. This is something I don't mind using regularly.

Cons: Forgot to mention this in the review, but I wish it has more product in the tube. I tend to use a lot to get the coverage I want (even though it's sheer).

Verdict: It's a basic tinted moisturizer that's nice for the price. It's best feature is the beautiful finish it gives on skin.



Etude House BB Magic Cream SPF30 PA++ (P598)

Pros: Feels light on my skin (though I know people who would disagree. Must be my skin type?) because of its watery texture, evens out skin quite nicely without looking like makeup, has SPF30 and has convenient packaging.

Cons: I really didn't dislike anything about this. I just didn't buy it again because by the time I ran out I had a accumulated other similar products, so what's the point?

Verdict: This is a pretty nice product. I don't wildly like or dislike it.

Purederm 3-in-1 Magic BB Cream (P660)

Pros: I know this BB cream has fans because it gives nice coverage and is yellow-toned so it doesn't make the wearer look ashy.

Cons: I'm anal about the finish of face products. I didn't like the finish of this one - too opaque, looks chalky, and the single shade is too light.

Verdict: Purederm has awesome products, but I wouldn't say this BB cream is one of them.

L'egere White Multi BB Cream (P1,000)

Pros: This is a highly-rated product, loved by almost all. It has everything you can reasonably want in face makeup for the price. Though I would say that this is technically not anywhere near the usual TMs and BB creams; it feels and looks more like foundation to me. 

Cons: Dry texture makes it difficult to spread. Not moisturizing at all.

Verdict: This is a pretty good product, although I have stopped using it. I wanted something that matched my skintone perfectly, and this is just a tad too light for me. 




Shiseido Tinted Moisture Protection (around P1,600+)

Pros: Great coverage and finish, has SPF, a little goes a long way, actually moisturizing and can serve as skincare, has a shade for darker skin tones

Cons: Nothing I can think of

Verdict: If you don't mind the price, go for it!

Clinique Supermoisture Makeup (~P1,800)

Pros: Great coverage and finish that truly enhances skin while still looking natural, a little goes a long way, has a wide shade range, truly moisturizing as in you can skip your moisturizer

Cons: Lately it is breaking me out for some reason

Verdict: It's labeled as "foundation" by Clinique, but it's designed for dry skin so it provides a dollop of moisturization in the formula. Love this.

IMG_9902 by project_vanity.

Dr. Jart BB Creams (P1,900- P3,160)

Pros: Nice finish and texture, can be substituted for skincare since these BB creams have healing/anti-aging properties

Cons: Not available in the Philippines anymore

Verdict: Great brand, but too expensive, which may be the reason it didn't fly here.

Bobbi Brown BB Cream with SPF35 PA++ (P2,100)

Haven't actually tried this one so no review. I did observe that the texture and finish were superb, and of course the SPF35 didn't hurt. I understand that Bobbi's BB cream also has a wide shade selection. FYI!


So there you go! Hope this helps next time you shop for a tinted moisturizer! Now that I mention it - what's your current favorite TM? Answer in the comments!