NOTD: Green Tea

I bought this nail polish maybe two months ago, at the height of my green phase. I was looking for a nice yellow green, specifically! This nail polish called Cutex in Green Tea (P110) looked like the best choice out of all the colors in the mall at that time.

I applied it as soon as I got home but I was disappointed by how sheer it was. As in, it was super sheer. For a P110 nail polish, you'd think it would have more to offer. The drying time was also dismal plus you'll only get 7ml for your trouble.

Yesterday though I was looking for a new color to use, and decided to give Cutex another chance. These are the results, after FOUR layers:

I absolutely love the color on me. It's a sophisticated light green with strong yellow undertones and a cream finish. Other than green tea, it reminds me of avocado drenched in milk (my favorite!). Was the application problems and drying time of four layers worth it? Maybe. Probably!

But I wouldn't buy this again nor will I recommend it.

I applied this yesterday morning, and when I woke up today, there were terrible fabric marks all over. Seriously, why is this P110? Bobbie made a similar (if not exact color) as this Cutex polish in Green Tea, and it's only P30 something. I actually bought it some weeks back but left it at my mom's yeah I'll probably have to buy again. It would probably be better.

Tried Cutex yet? Perhaps your experience is better?