Bobbi Brown Tortoise Shell Collection

When I first saw the Bobbi Brown Tortoise Shell Collection in Temptalia a couple of months back, I was floored. I like the theme and the fact that this collection is targeted towards women who wear glasses (me)! You see, it's a more difficult to use makeup when you wear glasses since they bring focus to the eyes. You don't want to be caught dead with droopy or tired-looking eyes, right? The Tortoise Shell Eyeshadow Palette is specifically designed to highlight our peepers without them looking overdone or trying hard. 

Aside from the palette, a set of mini-brushes with tortoise shell handles will be making a debut. If you've ever wanted to try Bobbi Brown brushes but can't afford them, this set is your best bet since you won't have to pay full price for them to get the same quality. It's P3,000 for the set but that's considerably less expensive than the normal size brushes which can go up to P2,000 a piece.  


Click after the jump to get more tips from Bobbi Brown on how to wear makeup with glasses on!

The collection will be out on August 19, but stay tuned to the Bobbi Brown Philippines Facebook Page for more updates. Thinking of getting anything? The eyeshadow palette looks amazing! Love the case and the color selection. I have a Bobbi Brown palette and the eyeshadows are ace. <3