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Bobbie + Wet n' Wild NOTD

I got this Wet n' Wild Fast Dry Nail Color in Gray's Anatomy (P199) a few months ago at Watsons. I tried it once, but I didn't like how it was so sheer that even three layers weren't enough! This time though I decided to use an opaque base just to make the duochrome effect pop out. I'm glad to report that it worked. :D

This duochrome effect is very similar to Chanel's Peridot polish at only a fraction of the price. Don't be fooled by the bottle though, the effect is not as pronounced when worn. You'll see it only at certain angles.

Solid purple

I also adore this Bobbie shade called Parasail. Are you seeing that blue shimmer? Subtle yet stunning. Not bad for P36!

Haul again! Revlon foundations and eyeshadow palette

Bobbi Brown Tortoise Shell Collection