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NCLA Nail Lacquer in Santa Monica Shore Thing

I haven't heard of NCLA until Monica of Polish Please, an online shop dealing in popular and hard-to-find nail polishes, contacted me and asked if I wanted a bottle. There can only be one answer to that. ;)

NCLA is a fairly new brand off Los Angeles that first became famous for their no-heat DIY nail wraps (or stickers). They decided to expand to nail polishes, and right now they have 24 drool-worthy colors like Santa Monica Shore Thing.

Santa Monica Shore Thing is a tiffany green shade that's ultra posh. It has a lovely, opaque creme finish with a smooth texture. It dries pretty quickly - 20 minutes - and stayed on for three days without chipping. That may be due to the new topcoat I'm using though! See these swatches? I have actually been wearing this color for three days already. It still looks fresh no?

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NOTD: Green Tea

I bought this nail polish maybe two months ago, at the height of my green phase. I was looking for a nice yellow green, specifically! This nail polish called Cutex in Green Tea (P110) looked like the best choice out of all the colors in the mall at that time.

I applied it as soon as I got home but I was disappointed by how sheer it was. As in, it was super sheer. For a P110 nail polish, you'd think it would have more to offer. The drying time was also dismal plus you'll only get 7ml for your trouble.

Yesterday though I was looking for a new color to use, and decided to give Cutex another chance. These are the results, after FOUR layers:

I absolutely love the color on me.

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NOTD: Baby blue tips

I was specifically looking for robin blue nail polish in the department store, but it seems that I had a misguided notion of what robin blue is. I ended up getting something that's closer to baby blue or even sky blue, but I'm not complaining! The shade looks pretty on my nails.

That does not, however, mean that you won't be seeing a robin blue NOTD one of these days.

The nail polish I used here is from Klik in a shade called Baby Blue. You've probably seen these before - small bottles with a price tag of only P15. It was a bitch to apply since the formula was so streaky and the brush sucked but hey, it's the result that matters right?

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NOTD: YSL-inspired French tip

This is what my vanity table looks like right now. I know, it's messy! Even though our helper cleans it up immaculately, I always trash it after putting on a full face of makeup. I need more space or I need to get rid of my stuff. Leaning towards the former, I love my stuff!

You can see One Day by David Nicholls there. I read it last Sunday, and all I can say is if you haven't read it yet, you should! It's one of the best books I've had in a while. It's a story about two people's paths crossing in a span of twenty years - like 500 Days of Summer, it's not a love story, but a story about love. The ending is quite painful, but I love how the author made it bittersweet.

So anyway, moving on to the kikay stuff! I did my nails today because I'm going to a dinner tonight. I only intended to wear the NYX Girls nail polish in Pacific Blue, but I suddenly had a brilliant (though not-so-original) idea: what if I do a French tip using another color?

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Bobbie + Wet n' Wild NOTD

I got this Wet n' Wild Fast Dry Nail Color in Gray's Anatomy (P199) a few months ago at Watsons. I tried it once, but I didn't like how it was so sheer that even three layers weren't enough! This time though I decided to use an opaque base just to make the duochrome effect pop out. I'm glad to report that it worked. :D

This duochrome effect is very similar to Chanel's Peridot polish at only a fraction of the price. Don't be fooled by the bottle though, the effect is not as pronounced when worn. You'll see it only at certain angles.

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NOTD: The Face Shop nail polish in GR501

I've been looking everywhere for a cool mint nail polish, so I'm glad that I finally found this one from The Face Shop! It's only P95, too. It's quite streaky so I had to apply a LOT of product - two thick coats - before I got the smooth finish I was gunning for. I used the Orly Top 2 Bottom as base and finishing coat.

The nail polish actually looks a little greener in person. Love how it looks like on my nails. :D

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