Pinkbox haul

I was so giddy when I got my grubby hands on these Pinkbox goodies. I made sure to pick items that I'll wear a lot in my day-to-day activities since I've made the mistake of choosing accessories that are, er, too flashy for just running bank errands or doing groceries before. Don't get me wrong, I love flashy accessories! But I figured it's time to get pieces that are a *bit* more subdued than my usual fare.

Here goes!

I like this faux pearl and gold chain necklace because I can wear this with practically anything. I can jut put on shorts and a t-shirt and this won't look too much. I can wear a fancy dress and this is just the right complement. 

I was also wearing this headband in that look. It added a feminine touch to everything.

I also got this cute elastic hair band with tiny pom poms. <3

Also these groovy beaded earrings! 

I LOVE these bangles! They don't feel cheap at all since they're real metal. I feel like Darna when I wear them.

The cutest bracelet I own, I think.

And that's it! What's your favorite accessories place to shop in?