Color story: faded

I went to a Body Shop event yesterday (will blog about that shortly). I knew I was going to see my blogger friends in a laid-back atmosphere so I chose to swathe myself in lightweight cotton, cotton, cotton. 

Topshop burnout tee/ Zara cardigan/ Folded & Hung skirt/ Muji sock tights/ Charles & Keith platform heels

In other news, I just enrolled myself in driving school! I chose A1 since that's what everybody recommended. I'm a little nervous since I can get careless when I'm on the road, plus why drive when there are cabs? However, I really don't have a choice, as Marco is buying a car for our use here in Manila, while I have a car at home in the province. It would be dumb not to use them in light of the taxi fare increase! It's actually cheaper to spend for gas now than ride a cab.

Oh oh, I also just recently got a haircut at Franck Provost, in The Fort. It's P575 for the cheapest cut; rather pricey for just an ok cut. This is perhaps the most underwhelming hair cut I've gotten in a long time. It reminds me of those P50 haircuts I used to get at Reyes Salon when I was younger! As in, snip snip, three layers, end of story! I am not happy with how the curls of my hair turns after washing - that's usually what I look for in a good hair cut, curls that end nicely (if you can get that). I would recommend going to Regine's Salon or Beauty Brick instead for the price.

Anyway, check out what Tanya (one of my staff writers for thePOC) wore. Loving that Topshop dress and Gold Dot shoes on her: