The loss of my hair's dyeing virginity

I was super duper duper bored with my hair. All I can do with it before is just wash it and tie it up. My last hair cut was at a Korean salon called Beauty Brick, way back in March, so obviously my hair has grown a lot since then. I craved for something new, something I haven't tried yet! But what?

The answer was clear as day. I had to dye my hair for the first time. And get bangs! Now, if you have wavy hair like me, you know that bangs are slightly equivalent to having hell on your head. Okay, that's over the top. But you see, when I last had bangs (a decade ago) it was something I hated dealing with everyday so I just stopped having them. That's until last week, when I wanted to be challenged by my hair for a change.

The result, blow-dried:

Here is my hair washed (sorry for the yellow tinge, forgot to adjust my camera's settings):

I had a voucher to try L'Oreal INOA for free, so off I went to Regine's Salon at The Link, Makati to claim the free treatment. It was Karina Mantolino, the head stylist, who accommodated me. I asked her to give me a hair cut first before we got on to the dyeing session. The whole thing was pretty quick at less than 15 minutes since she just gave me layers, and it only cost me P450.

IMG_1150 by project_vanity.

The INOA hair dyeing process took around 45 minutes. I was a bit miffed that I didn't get a chance to pick the color for my hair, because while Karina and I agreed that I'd look good in a color two shades lighter than my hair, we didn't discuss what color exactly. Before I knew it, the assistant has already opened the tube, and I just resigned myself to the whole thing. Good thing the reddish color they picked turned out well! I guess they know better, although I prefer something more blonde or brown than red.


Mixed with Oleo gel

Dye (photos courtesy of Lyn)

So how was it? As promised, L'Oreal INOA has no smell. It's just a lot like having conditioner applied to your hair, and has a slight, similar smell. As for the sting, yes, I felt a mild itchy sting near the lower base of my scalp, but it's manageable. My scalp has always been sensitive in that area.

Overall, L'Oreal INOA has delivered what it promised, which is no ammonia, no smell, and "respect for the hair". I didn't suffer from any hair fall, soreness, or dandruff after the treatment, which is amazing considering the fact that my scalp is very sensitive! I'm happy with my first hair dyeing experience ever, and would gladly do it again. This treatment is quite expensive though - a retouch will cost me P1,500 - so that's something to think about. I think it's sulit though.

What do you think about my new do? Have you tried or would you like to try INOA? Let me know!