My Haircut At Beauty Brick

I was overdue for my yearly haircut so I decided, quite spontaneously, that I wanted to get my hair chopped last Friday. I was at home, bored, procrastinating when suddenly, poof! I shot off to get a cut. Not before Googling salons, of course! I asked Lauren about Beauty Brick, since it's well-reviewed online. She got her lovely digiperm there. She was so happy with the service so she enthusiastically referred Beauty Brick to me.

The salon is located in Dona Consolacion Bldng, Jupiter St. Makati, near the corner of Makati Avenue. The place looks quite cozy and homey. As soon as I got in, all the salon people greeted me good afternoon! They were very warm and friendly. They greeted my by name since I called in for an appointment and hour before.

The whole time I was there I didn't have to wait for anything. After greeting me, they herded me to the shampoo area where they oohed about my naturally wavy hair. I think they're so used to getting customers who are sick of their straight hair! After all Beauty Brick is really known for their digiperm, not haircuts per se. 

After shampooing, they seated me in front of the huge mirror and proceeded to blow dry my hair. Once they're done with that, they gave me three ring-bound books full of pictures of hairdos specifically for wavy hair. I super appreciate that little gesture because when I went there I didn't have a specific style in mind. While I was browsing, they asked if I wanted coffee, tea, or iced tea. How nice, eh?

Once I picked a cut, Mr. Shin, the owner of the salon, went over to study my hair and make suggestions based on the style I wanted. He spoke mainly in Korean and knew a little English. We didn't have a problem with communicating though since some of his staff were fluent in Korean and translated quite well.

Snip, snip, snip...the whole haircut was done in under 30 minutes. Wanna see?

Immediately after the cut. Mr. Shin ironed my hair which is why it's straight here.

Of course, my hair looked a lot different after I washed it. This is how it really looks like with only mousse and shine serum:

I love how it looks on me, but I must admit that it's not super different from other cheaper haircuts I've had before. I can't blame them though, there really isn't much that can be done with short wavy hair that doesn't require intensive styling.

The haircut is a tiny bit on the expensive side at P600. However, the gracious, warm service from both Mr. Shin and the staff plus the good work on my hair makes it all worth the expense.  


For appointments at Beauty Brick, call or text 473-5108/0917-5200044.