The texture of my life

It's a muggy, lazy Saturday for me. I have a ton of stuff lined up for this week so this is probably the last day I have for myself in the next few days. I better start vegging out in front of old DVDs and doing random useless things around the house (I'm in my mom's house every weekend) while I still can.

One of the random useless things I thought of doing is posting some photos I took recently. Here you go!

IMG_9819 by project_vanity.

Margaux is a writer for Sense & Style magazine. I first met her in a Clinique event last November - she was wearing a super hot pink lipstick, so I just had to ask what it was! It's NARS Schiap. I met her again last Thursday at the Dr. Jart launch and when I saw her I blanked out for a while before screeching "MARGAUX!" How can I forget her? I'll drag her and Marbbie to hang out with me one of these days. I'm a bit shy though because I know that these girls are insanely busy. Heehee.

IMG_9417 by project_vanity.

This is my favoritest snack in the whole wide world. I haven't seen these for years though! I was so happy when I found them at Cash & Carry in Makati. I live far from there now, so I don't think I can drop by to buy these heavenly things anymore. Sad, sad.

IMG_8853 by project_vanity.

I really enjoyed this look. It's just foundation (Shiseido Supplist), eyeliner (MAC Fluidline), a pink blush (NARS Super Orgasm), and a hot pink lipstick (NYX Louisiana)! Very simple, very striking. This is my default look these days when I feel lazy.

IMG_9641 by project_vanity.

I've retired my iPod Shuffle since I got a 32 gig iPod touch the other week. I love this thing. It's super convenient to bring around. Hmm, perhaps I should still continue using it? The iPod touch isn't really nice to carry when I listen to music on the road.

IMG_9800 by project_vanity.

I love the story behind this piece of rock. It's actually made from trash! Pureology, a haircare and styling brand, has supported a small community in Rizal to contribute to the eco revolution in their own way. I'll be writing about it next week, so stay tuned for that.

IMG_8303 by project_vanity.

This is me after snorkeling in Boracay for 30 minutes. It was awesome! There were a lot of fish, which swarmed when my cousin threw bits of bread over the boat. The view on the sea floor was nice, but the corals were obviously not in top shape. I wish Boracay residents would be more careful in taking care of their environment.

IMG_8308 by project_vanity.

Me again at Crystal Cove beach. Man, I should really really write about Boracay. The stories just got buried in heaps of work and other beauty blog-appropriate topics. I hope to have time this week!

IMG_7578 by project_vanity.

Avon Accessories. I luff them.

IMG_9603 by project_vanity.

Here's a new look I came up with last week - I even have a video tutorial for this! It's inspired by the sunset.