Site improvements

Hello hello to everyone. How's your Monday? Me, I have a writing deadline. I also have a few errands today at The Fort, huhu. Anyway, I'd just like to announce the addition of two new features to Project Vanity that I hope you'll find useful!

If you check the sidebar, you'll see the feeds of the Beauty & Fashion Channel of thePOC. Now you can read my site updates and the POC's all in one place! Oh by the way, please don't forget to like us on our Facebook page and follow our Twitter account. You don't want to miss what's up at our channel.

I've also set up a Press Releases page on this website. So, why? Two reasons:

  • Sometimes I get a lot of products all at the same time, so it takes me long to review something. The press releases page will serve as a sort of "introduction" to my upcoming blog posts. I want you guys to be able to be first in the know about what's hot in the beauty market.
  • Press releases contain more in-depth information about the products I review. You can view them for reference if you're really interested in something I've written about.

In other words, the PR page functions as a support to my main page, where I will be writing about products and my experiences. :)

I've posted some PR material already. I will be writing about these products very soon!

The Watsons GrapeBella Range 

Experience PURE INDULGENCE Pureology Signature Services  

Dr. Jart BB Cream makes the difference  


So...what do you guys think? Okay ba?