Watsons GrapeBella Range

If you've visited a Watsons lately you have probably seen this suavely packaged line - the GrapeBella range. They come is sophisticated-looking, dark purple bottles that really catch and hold your attention if only to make you intrigued about what they are. If you didn't know better, you'd think you're looking at bottles of fine wines!

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The Watsons GrapeBella product range is the latest innovation from Watsons, which provides a total solution for perfect skin. Truly, it is the new secret to a more youthful beauty.

It has been proven by scientific researches that grapes have antioxidant benefits to provide nourishment to the skin to keep it soft and smooth. 

Specially formulated with the natural extracts of grapes from Europe as its basic ingredients, combined with a selection of other active properties and special features for different products, the Watsons GrapeBella range is recognized for its deep moisturizing, repairing & softening effects to provide a healthy look for you. 

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I can't testify to its claims of youthful beauty and perfect skin, but I love that they smell good and does indeed deliver its promise of moisturizing your skin. I've been using the Moistruzing Shower Cream (P159) regularly and I found it very pleasant to use. The smell of grapes heavy and ripe in summer is captured by each bottle, and at a nice price to boot!

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Don't worry about staining, it's not as dark as it looks in the bottle!

Aside from the Moisturizing Shower Cream (also available in 500ml), the GrapeBella line features a Revitalizing Shower Gel (P159), Softening Body Lotion (P119), Body Polish (an exfoliating scrub, P169), Nourishing Hand and Nail Cream, and a Lip Treatment Balm (P69). I'd like to try the lip balm, as I'm running out! The line is exclusive to Watsons drugstores.

How about you? Anything you'd like to try from this affordable line? Have you tried anything already? Answer in the comments!