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The texture of my life

It's a muggy, lazy Saturday for me. I have a ton of stuff lined up for this week so this is probably the last day I have for myself in the next few days. I better start vegging out in front of old DVDs and doing random useless things around the house (I'm in my mom's house every weekend) while I still can.

One of the random useless things I thought of doing is posting some photos I took recently. Here you go!

IMG_9819 by project_vanity.

Margaux is a writer for Sense & Style magazine. I first met her in a Clinique event last November - she was wearing a super hot pink lipstick, so I just had to ask what it was! It's NARS Schiap. I met her again last Thursday at the Dr. Jart launch and when I saw her I blanked out for a while before screeching "MARGAUX!" How can I forget her? I'll drag her and Marbbie to hang out with me one of these days. I'm a bit shy though because I know that these girls are insanely busy. Heehee.

IMG_9417 by project_vanity.

This is my favoritest snack in the whole wide world. I haven't seen these for years though! I was so happy when I found them at Cash & Carry in Makati. I live far from there now, so I don't think I can drop by to buy these heavenly things anymore. Sad, sad.

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