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Camp Nivea: Day 2

It was a bright Saturday that promised a lot of fun activities and a party that no one will forget. I was up early, puttering about the cabana, watching Shakespeare In Love. I was suffering from internet withdrawal! I totally regretted that I didn't bring my Mac. Still, with a view like this, it's hard to feel anxious.

It was a hot day. An extremely hot day, as in, when you go out you can literally feel the sun burning through your skin. And it was what, only 9am? Insane! However I had the chutzpah to stand in direct sunlight like this because I sprayed the Nivea sunblock on before I left the cabana. Take that, sun! Hah!

Here's Marbbie! FYI, we didn't coordinate our outfits. Ipanema gave me black strappy flipflops while they gave her the white version and somehow we just thought of wearing clothes to match them. It was so funny!

After breakfast we rode the coaster to the Upper Beach Club (around five minutes away from Club Punta Fuego). This is the view of the pool beside the Lower Beach Club.

Check out how unbelievably clear the waters are! I was two floors up from the ground when I took this photo.

This is what the word "azure" means

Had to turn away to get to work! These are the campers in a fashion workshop held by runway and events director Robby Carmona and designer Sassa Jimenez.

Here's a photo essay of everything that transpired on Day 2! (extremely photo heavy)

Direk Robby gave a talk on how to work the runway while Sassa gave the teens fashion and styling tips

I'm sure you've seen Direk Robby on's blog at some point. The man is always stylish, always edgy. Check out his deconstructed loafers! My gosh. I'd totally wear them. In fact I'd wear his whole outfit!

Check out Sassa's dress. At first glance, it looks too heavy and too formal for a casual summer get-together but the gold braided belt and the blue thong sandals give the dress a more season-appropriate feel. The stretchy, flowy fabric complements Sassa's curvy figure very well too without being overly loose and frumpy. Curvy girls, take a hint from Sassa!

Photo op! Jori, me, Sassa, Cre, Mars

After lunch, the Headshot Clinic held by celebrity photographer Niccolo Cosme took place. He taught the teens how to project in front of the camera. Of course, the campers applied the lessons right afterward! Here are some of the photos:

John James Uy

Ghee-Ann Abraham

Jessy Mendiola

Kazuo Nawa

What do you think, did the headshot clinic work? I think the answer is obvious! Check out the whole album here. After the clinic the teens proceeded to the pool games.

The boys and girls had to race each other to get their teams' puzzle pieces. Action packed!

The boys won!

After the games, Marbbie and I explored the clear beach


Got unappealing pieces of coral, but hey, it's the thought that counts!

A view of the beach

We went back to our place and watched cable until! It was the culmination night so the teens looked their absolute best to showcase what they learned.

Calla Lily played for the guests (photo grabbed from Jori's Facebook)

Yup, that's him! (via Jori)

Lighting the pretty paper lanterns and making a wish (via Jori)

With Lau, the "dad" of the camp. Lol! (my face is too white because of the SPF, sad. Photo from Jori.)


This was our last night together and the end of Camp Nivea activities. I'll be winding down the whole event on the Day 3 coverage!

Reader Comments (5)

Dear Lizette,

Thank you for posting these photos. I miss you, Mars, Cre, Jori, and discreetly oggling at the readily available man candy from a safe distance I MEAN I MISS THE SEA. It's all our fun together that I miss most. Hope the same gang get invited to a fun media trip once again (shout out to the PRs, haha!)

Love from a mini-roach infested nook at Old Manila and no longer red like in that photo above,
your room mate, Marbbie

P.S. Great (honest, informative, well-written) blog!!! You just got yourself one more follower.

March 17, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMarbbie Tagabucba

Dear Marbbie,

I kept mispelling your name! I kept thinking of Barbie. Haha. Edited.

I miss everyone too. Sigh. What an idyllic weekend no? We share the same dream! Hahahaha.

Love from Liz with a non-white face

PS Thaaaanks. ^_^

March 18, 2010 | Registered CommenterLiz Lanuzo

Love the black dress!

March 19, 2010 | Unregistered Commentershasta

Hi Lizette!

I like your blog a lot..btw, your friend marbbie looks like gretchen baretto..:)

March 23, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMaying

Summer is near, i hope we could go to a place as beautiful as these...
The water is so calming, time to emo and have a selfie... Haha

January 12, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterMariannafernandez

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